GTA Online update adds Bikers, Clubs, Clubhouses, and more


Bikers have been added to GTA Online. The latest update allows up to eight players to form Motorcycle Clubs and man the organization’s hierarchy with prospects, road captains, and other roles. Each role brings with it a set of abilities, such as being able to set riding formations and calling in hit squads. Players will get together in Clubhouses to play darts, arm wrestle, hang at the bar, and eventually access a custom bike shop. The headquarters will also have meeting rooms to plan out how to free imprisoned allies and take on other jobs via Clubhouse Contracts. Money can be earned from counterfeiting, running drugs, and trading. Players can use their acquired wealth to purchase a wide variety of new items, including bikes, weapons, clothes, and tattoos. Racers can also take part in the new melee-heavy Slipstream for Adversary Mode.

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GTA Online is the free multiplayer component for GTA V for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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