Rome II and Company of Heroes 2 free for Make War Not Love promo

Total War Rome 2 (PC) August DLC Announcement - Screenshot 2

Total War: Rome II and Company of Heroes 2 are once again going head to head for Valentine’s Day. During the Make War Not Love weekend promotion, the communities of each title will be set against one another in three hour-long rounds. During that time, every in-game victory will be tallied for each side, and the winners will be awarded with free DLC for the victorious title. Special promo-only achievements can also be earned in each title. The competition begins at noon and ends at noon on February 15, and during this time, both games will be free to download through Steam and have their downloadable content discounted.

If Company of Heroes 2 wins, players will be given premium skins and commanders worth approximately $20, from noon on February 16 until noon on February 18. If Total War: Rome II wins, the Black Sea Colonies Culture Pack will be free from noon on February 15 until noon on February 17. The newly announced Longbeards Culture Pack for Total War: Attila will also be free when the game launches.

Company of Heroes 2 and Total War: Rome II are available for PC.

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