Dominions 4 patch adds new race, bug fixes, and gameplay tweaks

Dominions 4 (Linux, Mac, PC) Update Announcement - Screenshot 3

As if Dominions 4 wasn’t already packed to the point of bursting, developer Illwinter has added a new race to the 70-plus already in the game. The latest addition, the Ragha, are a dark race capable of adapting to hot and cold climates, with different units being available depending on which type of environment they’re recruited in. The update also features several fixes and tweaks, such as non-artifact items now capable of being unique, poison from poison daggers now ignoring etherealness, and a new population cap of 300,000. The full changelog can be found here.

To learn more about the series, check out our review of Dominions 4.

Dominions 4 is a download-only release and is now available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Dominions 4 is divided into three playable eras, early, middle, and late. Each era has different, yet connected, nations. Every nation has a variety of historical or mythological troops that are connected to real world history and mythos as well as various other benefits or detriments. Upon selecting a new nation you will also be given an option of would-be gods to select. Every god is radically different with different mythos, stats, powers, and magic and can be massively customized to fit your nation or strategic plan.

Dominions 4 (Linux, Mac, PC) Update Announcement - Screenshot 2 Dominions 4 (Linux, Mac, PC) Update Announcement - Screenshot 4Dominions 4 (Linux, Mac, PC) Update Announcement - Screenshot 1Official Site(s): – Dominions 4 & – Dominions 4

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