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Mobile versions of Grand Theft Auto series, Max Payne now on sale

From today until July 30, gamers can snag a number of mobile versions of Rockstar titles at a discounted price. The studio has announced a limited-time promotion that drops the price of Grand Theft Auto III, Chinatown Wars, and Vice City to $2.99 apiece and Max Payne for $1.99. The price drop is good for both Android and iOS versions.


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Chaos Rings moves from App Store to PSN, now available for PS Vita

Chaos Rings, Square Enix’s action-RPG that debuted for iOS in 2010, is now available for PS Vita. The download-only release features four pairs of men and women who are made to fight to the death. Each duo’s storyline intersects with one another, and each character is voiced by Japanese voice actors. A sequel, Chaos Rings II, launched last year for iPad.


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