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Drox Operative now available for Mac, Windows PC

Drox Operative (PC) October Screenshots - Screenshot 3

Soldak Entertainment, developers of Depths of Peril and Din’s Curse, has just released their latest action-RPG, Drox Operative. As an intergalactic gun for hire, players will earn their keep by taking on jobs, alone or with friends via co-op multiplayer, in a dynamic galaxy embroiled in war. The goal isn’t to build or administer bases but to amass as much money as possible to man the deadliest ship in space. In addition to ship and crew customization, the game offers budding mercenary captains quests to undertake, monsters to hunt, and several factions to work with or against.


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Sony reveals 525K PS3s,160K Vitas sold during Black Friday week

Sony (General) PS3 and PS Vita Black Friday Numbers - Ultimate Bundle

Sony has announced that the PS3 sold over 525,000 consoles and the PS Vita over 160,000 during Black Friday week. According to the company’s number-crunching robots, that represents a 15% increase for PS3 bundle sales and a 9% increase over last year for hardware, software, and peripherals sales. Latin America posted the most significant increase, with “year-over-year sales growth increase of 200%.” SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton noted that the company is “very pleased” with their Black Friday numbers.


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