Dragon’s Dogma to host asynchronous boss battle

Dragon's Dogma (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2

Dragon’s Dogma, Capcom’s upcoming open-world action-RPG, is including a unique boss battle that will take into account players’ attacks without featuring all of the players. Beneath Gran Soren lies the Everfall, and from within a dragon known as Ur-Dragon will spawn and challenge players during their campaign. But players, and their computer-controlled allies known as pawns, will not be facing it alone, as others will also be battling the beast in a lengthy asynchronous encounter within their own campaign.

The game will take into account each party’s contribution during the battle and will tally all attacks when calculating damage. The player that lands the final blow will reap the best rewards, but everyone who participates will be able to score common and rare items. Players who don’t wish to participate in the online event can take the dragon on by themselves, but they will receive different rewards. All those who beat the dragon and have access to Live or PSN will have their names and play times noted in a hall of fame for others to admire, and attempt to topple.

Dragon’s Dogma is set to hit store shelves for the 360 and PS3 on May 22.

Dragon's Dogma (360, PS3) Release Date and RE6 Demo Announcement - Screenshot 1Dragon's Dogma (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 4Dragon's Dogma (360, PS3) Box Announcement - Screenshot 4Official Site: Capcom-Unity.com

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