Heroes of Ruin to bring co-op questing to 3DS

Heroes of Ruin Announcement screenshot 1

A new four-player action-adventure title is set to hit the 3DS next year from Square Enix. Developed specifically for the system, Heroes of Ruin will support online play, complete with drop-in/drop-out functionality, as well as both StreetPass and SpotPass. StreetPass will be used to maintain an in-game Traders’ Network that will give players the chance to buy and sell items looted in battle, with inventory changing as players pass by fellow adventurers in public. SpotPass will be used to offer players the opportunity to score rare items and unlock unique challenges through local wireless hotspots, while the official community site will include access to in-game daily challenges and quests. The site will also serve as a platform for players to meet up, trade items, and team up for battle.

Players will enter an ever-changing world where danger waits around every corner. Heroes can explore and fight through wild, varied and dynamic environments, discovering new layouts and routes each time they play. Packed with strange and deadly creatures, these dangerous lands will stretch players’ combat and tactical skills as they enhance their characters, collecting loot, weapons and armor to empower them on their quest.

Heroes of Ruin Announcement screenshot 2

Official Site: HeroesOfRuin.com

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