PlayStation 3 passes 50 million, Move passes 8 million

Sony has announced that they’ve hit a few milestones recently with both the PlayStation 3 and the Move. The bubbly was first poured over the news that their latest motion-based peripheral, the PlayStation Move, has sold over 8 million units worldwide since its debut on April 3.

The Move’s cohorts, the PlayStation Eye camera and navigation controller, are said to be also doing well and are continuing “to see strong momentum at retail.” Another interesting stat is that the Sharp Shooter, a plastic shell in the form of a gun that houses the Move, saw a 40% attachment with Killzone 3 at certain chains, including GameStop.

The PlayStation 3 also hit a high note with the announcement that it has sold over 50 million units worldwide, as of March 29. In addition, the PlayStation Network has more than 75 million registered accounts, is currently operating in 59 countries, and its PlayStation Store has over 105,000 pieces of digital content. The system itself has over 2,128 titles available, of which 480 million units have sold worldwide.

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