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Yakuza: Dead Souls hits store shelves, brings a few undead friends

Yakuza: Dead Souls (PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sega has set out to prove that not even the underworld is safe when the undead roam the lands in the newly released Yakuza: Dead Souls. The PlayStation 3 exclusive puts players in the sweet duds of Kazuma Kiryu, who makes his return to the series in a quest to find his kidnapped stepdaughter in the Kamurocho district during the outset of a zombie outbreak. He isn’t alone, though, as three friends join him in his search, playable characters Shun Akiyama, Ryuji Goda, and Goro Majima.


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Yakuza: Dead Souls gets release date, plus new name and screens

Yakuza: Dead Souls (PS3) NA Announcement - Header

Sega is taking their Yakuza series from the back alleyways to the graveyard with Yakuza: Dead Souls. Originally titled Yakuza Of The End, Dead Souls will be available next March for the PS3. Not only will all of the Japanese DLC be included with the North American version, but also a new mini-game called Pachislot. As four of the series’ most prominent characters battle it out with the living and dead, I’m pretty sure this is the only game (ever) that pits you against both the Japanese mafia and shuffling, undead hordes.


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