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Dreadnought gets a 10-minute gameplay video, narrated by devs

Grey Box and Yager have released a 10-plus-minute-long gameplay video from their upcoming action title Dreadnought. The video is narrated by two of the game’s designers, Eino Joas and Timm Boukoura, who talk players through the special abilities, ships, and tactics they are utilizing in their battle against one another as members of opposing teams. The two fight on the glacier map, which was playable recently at PAX South, using the Light Destroyer and the Light Tactical Cruiser, while an Artillery Cruiser, Corvette, and Dreadnought engage in the background. In all, a decent peek at what’s to come later this year.


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Dead Island 2 gamescom demo footage, screenshots released

Deep Silver has released a new gameplay trailer and new screens from Yager’s Dead Island 2. Picking up after Dead Island and the upcoming Escape Dead Island, players will find themselves trying to survive in Los Angeles while its under quarantine by the military. Up to eight players can fight, cooperate, or ignore one another as they make their way through the undead hordes. The new media is being released in anticipation of this year’s gamescom in Germany, where attendees will be able to get some hands-on time at Deep Silver’s booth in Hall 9.1, B11/C10.


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Spec Ops: The Line release date, pre-order info announced

Spec Ops: The Line (360, PC, PS3) Release Date and Preorder Info Announcement - Screenshot 1

After a devastating sandstorm, Dubai is in ruins, and Colonel John Konrad and The Damned 33rd battalion are missing. As Captain Martin Walker, it’s up to you to search through the ruins and battle back opportunistic invaders to save the Colonel and evacuees in 2K Games’ upcoming third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line. The publisher announced today that the latest in the long-running series, in development at Yager, will be hitting store shelves on June 26 for the 360, PC, and PS3.


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