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Nordic Games acquires Men of Valor property from 2015 Games

Nordic Games continues their acquisition streak with the Men of Valor IP. The Vietnam War-era first-person shooter was released over a decade ago for PC and Xbox, and Nordic has purchased the rights from the game’s developer, 2015 Games. No word yet, however, on what they plan to do with the property.


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(Xbox Review) Silent Hill 4: The Room

“… one of the most intelligently plotted horror games out there.”


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New Xbox One policies: used games supported, no daily check-in

Microsoft has revealed a number of changes to their previously announced policies in regards to Xbox One. The full statement, available below, addresses a number of issues brought up since the console’s official unveiling. Policy changes include support for used games, as there will no longer be any limitations on trading, sharing, or selling purchased titles; the system will not be region locked; and there will no longer be a daily online check-in system but a one-time activation that will take place during the initial system setup. Downloaded games, however, cannot be shared or resold, though no specific reason was given as to why it is no longer an option, and discs will need to be in the console in order for gamers to play retail copies.


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E3 2013: Xbox 360, One games, social media integration, and more

Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference focused on not only what’s in store for the upcoming Xbox One, but also what they have planned for the 360. The Xbox One was the star of the show, with titles from 343 Industries, Capcom, Crytek, Remedy, Respawn Entertainment, Turn 10 Studios, and Insomniac Games. Several of the system’s features were on display, including Game DVR, which allows gamers to record and upload in-game footage for others to download, SmartGlass interactivity for extra on their games as well as their friends’ activities, and social media integration.


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Rockstar wraps up Grand Theft Auto III retrospective Q&A

Grand Theft Auto III (iOS PS2 Xbox) Tenth Anniversary QA - Header

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Rockstar has posted a retrospective on their seminal open-world action title Grand Theft Auto III. The latest set of answers rounds out the two-part series with topics covering the impact of September 11 on production and the origins of the Dodo airplane.


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Rage – Graffiti Contest, Sweepstakes now live

Rage Contest and Sweepsteaks Announcement screenshot header

Bethesda has launched a Graffiti Contest and a Sweepstakes for id’s upcoming shooter, Rage. Inspired by the graffiti found scattered throughout the game, the contest gives aspiring artists a chance for the world to see their work with the winner’s material being featured in the final version. In addition, winners will also receive an iPad and a free trip to QuakeCon 2011 in Dallas, Texas. The sweepstakes gives the less creative of us a chance to win as well with the winner also receiving a free trip to QuakeCon 2011 and an iPad.


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