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Dice taking players back to the Great War in Battlefield 1

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Dice is taking a trip back in time for the next installment in the Battlefield line. The upcoming release, Battlefield 1, will take place during World War I. Beginning this October, gamers will be able to take part in 64-player battles everywhere from the Italian Alps to half-destroyed French cities and the sands of Arabia. Soldiers will have access to the earliest planes and tanks to hit the battlefield. A trailer was released to introduce Dice’s take on the Great War.


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Strategic Command: WW1 – v.1.03 patch, updated demo released

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Some news on the BattleFront front—hah!—the developer has announced a new update for their recently enlarged WWI title Strategic Command: WW1 1914-1918 The Great War as well as a new demo. The v1.03 patch is an all-in-one download that includes all of the previous updates, such as the new WWII campaign, 1939 Storm over Europe, as well as bug fixes, a new rule that allows fighters to intercept paratroop drops, and up to 50% faster AI.


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Strategic Command: WWI gets new patch, WWII campaign

Strategic Command WWI (PC) 1939 Storm over Europe Launch Announcement - Header

Strategic Command World War I: The Great War 1914-1918—whew!—received a substantial update today. Patch 1.02 includes not only a new Forced March option, “more realistic” Submarine Combat Model, and “new and improved” Research system, but an entirely new WWII-based campaign: 1939 Storm over Europe.


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Strategic Command: WWI The Great War to get free campaign, 1939 Storm over Europe

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Fury Software will be giving a free bonus campaign for owners of Strategic Command: WWI The Great War. The new campaign, 1939 Storm over Europe, is currently in development and will be release in the “near future.” Would-be commanders can look forward to a Europe updated to represent 1939 with Germany already at war with France, Poland, and the UK; the USSR eying Poland; Italy building its arms in anticipation of joining the Axis; and the US maintaining its isolationist policies. Hubert Cater of Fury Software also stated that the campaign will be fully customizable with the game’s editor, allowing players to redesign the scenarios or create new ones.


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