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Yarr! Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag sets sail for 360, PS3, and Wii U

Assassions Creed IV Black Flag (360, PC, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Privateer turned pirate Edward Kenway is hitting the high seas today with the release of Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. Set in the early years of the 18th century, Kenway must battle the Templars throughout the West Indies as he takes ports, commandeers ships, and encounters other famous pirates of the age, such as Blackbeard and Charles Vane. As with its predecessors, combat will once again be a mixture of stealth and brute force, both of the armed and unarmed variety. And when he’s not fighting, Kenway will be exploring the more than 50 navigable locations. Oh, and whaling. He’ll also definitely be doing some whaling.


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New Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer debuts Extinction co-op mode

Treyarch has released a new trailer debuting Extinction for Call of Duty: Ghost. Set in a remote town in Colorado, Extinction pits a team of up to four players against swarms of aliens as they defend makeshift bases, scavenge for gear, and gain experience by surviving.


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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 officially announced for nearly everything

Activision has officially announced the upcoming game tie-in for Marvel’s upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Revealed at this year’s Comic-Con, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is being developed by Beenox and will be available for 360, 3DS, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One. As with its predecessor, the game will be a third-person action-adventure title that allows players to venture around New York City as they stop muggers, bank robbers, and villains of the super sort. The events will be different from those in the film, and Peter Parker will be given a larger role as Spider-Man faces a new Hero or Menace system that alters the city depending on how much crime he stops.


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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut shipping to retail Oct. 22

Square Enix has announced that Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut, the one-time Wii U exclusive, will launch on October 22 for 360, PC, PS3, and Wii U. A Mac OS X version is slated for release “in the near future.” The Director’s Cut adds Miiverse integration and GamePad support for the Wii U version, Smartglass support for the 360 version, and PS Vita touchscreen support for the PS3 version. A host of general improvements and extras are slated to be included as well, such as the Missing Link DLC, developer commentary, overhauled boss fights, and refined graphics, control, and AI.


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Splinter Cell Backlist – Homeland DLC goes live for console, PC

Splinter Cell Blacklist (360, PC, PS3) Homeland DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

A new mission and gear pack has been released for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Backlist. Homeland, available today for 360, PC, PS3, and Wii U, adds two new co-op missions and a host of gear. The missions, one story related and the other standalone, will have players infiltrating a billionaire’s yacht and battling a terrorist cell in the Middle East alone or with a friend. The new gear includes new weapons, accessories, skins, and outfits: a crossbow with sleeping gas bolts, an Upper Echelon Suit offering better protection and stealth capabilities, a 4E Eclipse Suit that also adds more protection but also has more slots to equip additional items, three new lights (amber, gold, and white) for Sam’s goggles, and exclusive skins for Mercs and Spies.


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DuckTales: Remastered retail bound for 360, Wii U this November

DuckTales Remastered (360, PC, PS3, Wii U) Announcement - Screenshot 2

Capcom has revealed that they will be releasing disc-based retail versions of DuckTales: Remastered for 360 and Wii U. The new alternatives will join the retail version of the PS3 version, already available on store shelves as a download voucher in a special case, on November 12 for $19.99.


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Rayman Legends bounds his way onto console, PC, and PS Vita

Rayman Legends (360, PC, PS3, Wii U) PC Announcement - Screenshot 2

The armless, legless platforming wonder returns today with the launch of Rayman Legends for 360, PC, PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U. The follow-up to Origins takes place 100 years later, with Rayman and his friends waking up from their slumber to find that the Glade of Dreams has been invaded by nightmares. His latest adventure features not only traditional platforming but also new rhythm-based stages. Another new feature, exclusive to the Wii U version, is support for a fifth player, who can use the GamePad controller to take control of Murfy.


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Nintendo announces Wii U price drop, Zelda Wind Waker HD bundle

Nintendo Wii U (System) Price Drop and Bundle Announcement - Header

Nintendo made a series of announcements today regarding the Wii U and a new handheld, the Nintendo 2DS. Beginning on September 20, the Wii U Deluxe Set will drop by $50 to $299.99, and it will also be available as a new limited-edition bundle for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD. The bundled unit will feature a Zelda-themed GamePad with gold lettering, symbols, and Hyrule crest, as well as a voucher for a digital version of Wind Waker HD and a copy of Hyrule Historia via the eShop. Gamers wanting a physical copy of The Wind Waker HD will be able to pick it up on October 4 for $49.99, or with a Ganondorf figurine at GameStop for $54.99.


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Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer live stream kicking off shortly

Gamers eager to find out what Call of Duty: Ghosts has in store for multiplayer will be able to get their fill today with Infinity Ward’s live stream reveal. Check out the video above to see what all is in store. The event begins shortly, at 10:30 a.m. (PDT)/12:30 p.m. (CST).


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DuckTales: Remastered set to launch on August 13, September 11

DuckTales Remastered (360, PC, PS3, Wii U) Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 3

Capcom has announced the release dates for Way Forward’s upcoming DuckTales updated re-release, DuckTales: Remastered. There are actually two different release dates for the download-only title: August 13 for the PC, PS3, and Wii U versions and September 11 for the 360 version. The game is an update to the 1989 NES original, with the 8-bit graphics replaced with hand-drawn and animated sprites and the original voice cast reprising their roles. A new tutorial level is also being added.


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