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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered coming digitally, physically to PS4

Sega is following up their PC re-release of the PS3 tactical role-playing game Valkyria Chronicles with a new Remastered version for PS4. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is set to launch digitally and physically this spring for $29.99, and as a bonus for early buyers, first-run and pre-order copies will come with a Squad 7 Armored Case that features the main characters. In addition to the main campaign, which tasks players with leading Gallia’s Squad 7 against the invading forces of the Empire, the game will also include all downloadable content. The DLC will add Hard EX Mode, Challenge of the Edy Detachment, and missions for Edy and Selvaria. The game will also feature support for 1080p at 60fps, dual audio tracks, and trophies.


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Street Fighter X Tekken dated, Special Edition, new media revealed

Street Fighter x Tekken (360, PS3, Vita) Special Edition Announcement and Release Date Announcement - Header

Today’s been quite the day for Capcom’s upcoming crossover fighter Street Fighter X Tekken. Producer Yoshinori Ono revealed all sorts of tidbits at the New York Comic-Con, including the March 6 release date, news that a PC version has entered development, as well as info about the Special Edition and new Gem System. Capcom also released several new media items, including teasers and screenshots.


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