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Buy Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei IV, receive $30 in eShop credit

Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS) Fire Emblem Promo Offer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Atlus and Nintendo are teaming up to give owners of Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV a special bonus: $30 in eShop credit. The only things owners need to do after purchasing both titles is register them at Club Nintendo and fill out a short web survey before August 31. The credit can be spent on anything, from DLC to full games. The promo kicks off when SMTIV launches on July 16, and both physical and digital copies are eligible for the credit.



(PC Review) Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes

(PC Review) Fallen Enchantress – Legendary Heroes

“… a good game that is a patch away from being a great one.”


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Might & Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness now on UPlay, Steam

Might and Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness (PC) Launch Annoucement - Screenshot 1

The new standalone expansion for Might & Magic Heroes VI, Shades of Darkness, has launched for PC. The download-only release is available on Ubisoft’s UPlay store and Steam. Shades of Darkness brings back Raelag, introduced in Heroes V, and the Dungeon faction. The two included campaigns, set centuries after Heroes VI, follow The Dark Elves and the Necromancers. Raelag must unify the Dark Elves before they descend into civil war, and the vampire Vein needs to find a cure for the Necromancers’ queen before she dies from a magical disease. A new portal has launched online to coincide with the release, offering additional insight into the history, mythology, and characters of the universe.


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Slitherine gets Warhammer 40,000 license, title in development

WarHammer 40K (360, PC, PS3) Slitherine and Games Workshop Announcement - Header

Games Workshop has signed a deal with strategy game developer and publisher Slitherine for a new title set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. No details were revealed as to the features, however, JD McNeil from Slitherine did state that it will be turn based, and the announcement also noted that Slitherine have already begun development “on multiple platforms.”


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Slitherine’s Legion now bringing civilization to iOS barbarians

Slitherine's Legion (iOS, PC) iOS Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Salvete, fellow Romans! Today, the legions march forth from beautiful Italia to subdue the savages that tear at our borders … from our iPads. (To handheld glory!) So yes, Slitherine’s turn-based strategy game Legion has launched for iOS. Originally released for Windows by Strategy First, the newest version includes all 100-plus nations, seven campaigns, units, resources, and difficulty levels from the PC original.


Apple Handheld offering deep discounts with new Pick 5 Promo

Legend of Grimrock (PC) Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 1

Digital distributor is running a new sale for the next week, the Pick 5 Promo. Gamers can pick any five out of 20 select titles to save 80% off their regular price. Some of the highlights include Legend of Grimrock, The Witcher: Extended Edition, Alan Wake as well as Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, and Divinity 2: Director’s Cut. Check below for the full list of titles.


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Wargame: European Escalation now on Linux, cross-platform comp.

Wargame: European Escalation (PC) New Battlefields DLC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 2

The Wargame: European Escalation player pool has expanded today with the release of the Linux version on Steam. A timely update has also enabled cross-platform multiplayer, so now all Linux, Mac, and Windows players can rumble together in unranked or ranked matches.


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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness to be released this fall for PS3

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (PS3) Announcement - Screenshot 1

NIS America announced at their latest press event that Disgaea will be returning to the PlayStation this fall with Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness. To celebrate the series’ 10-year anniversary, A Brighter Darkness will bring back Etna, Flonne, and Laharl from the very first entry, 2003’s Hour of Darkness. The new storyline will find a disgruntled Laharl as a disrespected Overlord seeking to earn the fear of his minions. The Item World, Master/Pupil System, and the Geo elements will be returning, as well as an overhauled character-creation system.


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Omerta – City of Gangsters now in stores for 360, PC

Omerta City of Gangsters (360, PC) Gold Announcement - Screenshot 5

It’s time to run some liquor and shoot up some joints, Omerta – City of Gangsters is now available in stores for 360 and PC. Opportunity awaits in Prohibition-era Atlantic City, and as a newly arrived immigrant wanting the finer things in life, players will stake their claim to everything their new home has to offer. Starting off as a small-time hoodlum, players must work their way up the criminal underworld by taking on assignments to earn cash, gain influence, and push out rivals.


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Civ V lead designer Kickstarting new title, Jon Shafer’s At the Gates

Jon Shafers At the Gates (PC) Kickstarter Announcement - Screenshot 1

Jon Shafer, former Stardocker and lead designer of Firaxis’ Sid Meier’s Civilization V, has launched Confider Games and kicked off a new Kickstart campaign. The campaign is for the in-development turn-based strategy title Jon Shafer’s At the Gates. At the Gates will put players in the role of a barbarian warlord in a world short on resources and sandwiched between the great powers of late antiquity, the western and eastern halves of the Roman empire. Players will have to adjust to changes in the climate and landscape, deal with their friends, and raid their enemies as they attempt to spread their rule over the land.


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