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Section 8: Prejudice – PS3 release details, date announced

Section 8 Prejudice (360, PC, PS3) PS3 Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Section 8: Prejudice has officially been dated and will launch on PSN later this month, on July 26. The download-only, squad-based first-person shooter, recently released for the 360 and PC, will be available for $14.99. In addition to the game, PS3 gamers will purchase during the release week will also receive the Blitz Armor Pack and Overdrive Map Pack for free. The packs contain two armor skins, early unlocks, and two additional multiplayer maps. PlayStation Plus subscribers get an extra unlock and an early bird bonus: the exclusive in-game Hunter Armor, and for the first 1,000 subscribers to purchase, a free copy of the original Section 8.


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Section 8: Prejudice – Overdrive Map Pack, Patch released, Double-XP weekend announced

Section 8 Prejudice Overdrive Map Pack Release Announcement screenshot

Some rumblings on the Section 8: Prejudice front today with the launch of the Overdrive Map Pack, a freshly released patch for both 360 and PC versions, and the announcement of an upcoming Double-XP weekend event. The Overdrive Map Pack sports two new maps and is going for $3.99/320 MS Points, and in celebration, TimeGate is hosting a Double-XP weekend that will start at 12 a.m. (CST) on June 3 and end at 12 a.m. (CST) on June 6. Gamers looking to check out the numerous fixes and tweaks the recent patch includes, such as the ability to turn autobalancing off and a fix for the 360’s hard-lock issues, can check out the community site—or just read below!


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Section 8: Prejudice – Overdrive Map Pack launching next week

Section 8 Prejudice Overdrive Map Pack Release Date Announcement screenshot

Section 8: Prejudice, TimeGate Studios’ latest team-based shooter, is getting its first DLC pack next week. Set to launch on June 1 for the 360 and PC, the Overdrive Map Pack will include two new multiplayer maps that will be playable in all modes. Abaddon will have players protecting a power cell facility amidst the planet’s craters and streams of lava, while Sky Dock features a disputed military base and space port set on the frozen tundra. The pack is set to go for 320 MS Points ($3.99).


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(PC Review) Section 8: Prejudice

“… multiplayer gamers will find a lot to like for $15.”


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Section 8: Prejudice – gamers answer call, Assault mode unlocked

Section 8 Prejudice Assault Mode Unlocked announcement screenshot

Annnnd done! Just two weeks after TimeGate announced that they would unlock Assault mode for Section 8: Prejudice once players had accumulated 10 million kills, the company has sent word that the count has been reached. For all of their hard work (and glorious victories), 360 and PC gamers now have access to a new assault-and-defend mode where teams square off over ownership of Control Points.


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Section 8: Prejudice – PC version launches, Assault mode awaiting 10 million kills

Section 8 Prejudice PC Launch Announcement screenshot

Some news on the Section 8: Prejudice front today. First up, developer TimeGate Studios has launched a kill counter across both the 360 and PC versions to introduce a new mode. The sooner players get to 10 million kills, the sooner the Assault game mode is unlocked for play. In Assault, teams are pitted against one another over Control Points, with the attackers trying to achieve control in the fastest time possible and the defenders trying to hold out for as long as possible. And the other bit of news, most likely spotted by you eagle-eyed readers, is that the PC version of Prejudice is now available for purchase. Shooter fans can find it on Steam, Games for Windows Marketplace, Direct2Drive, and Impulse.



Section 8: Prejudice breaks ground, gets dedicated server rentals

TimeGate Studios has announced a first for Xbox 360 multiplayer gaming. The Kohan developer has teamed up with to provide dedicated server rentals for the 360 version of their latest download-only first-person shooter, Section 8: Prejudice. Beginning today, players can now host customized sessions for up to 32 players, making them Ranked or Unranked, Private or Public, and tweaking game types, maps, and rules.


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