Developer- and Publisher-specific Articles: Time spares no one

Fable Anniversary release date, pre-order bonuses announced

Fable is turning 10 years old. Wait … it’s almost a decade old? Suddenly my back and knees hurt…I feel…so old. On the upside, developer Lionhead Studios has dusted off the original and been giving it a new coat of paint, retooling the interface, adding SmartGlass integration, and packing in The Lost Chapters. MS revealed today that development has almost wrapped and that Fable Anniversary will be available for 360 on February 4. Additionally, Lionhead will also be giving away a special Head Avatar Helmet celebrating the anniversary and exclusive DLC for first-run buyers: a 5×5 code for the Launch Day Weapons & Outfits Pack. The drop, detailed below, includes five outfits and two weapons.


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