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The King of Fighters XIV launching Aug. 23, plus 20 screens, 2 trailers

The King of Fighters XIV (PS4) Preorder Deal Announcement - Screenshot 1

An avalanche of King of Fighters XIV goodies hit today. First up, Atlus has announced that the game is slated to launch on August 23, and that players who pre-order or buy the game near its release date will receive the Day One edition. This version will come in a themed SteelBook case featuring Kyo Kusanagi, and as a gift for all early buyers, the Classic Kyo DLC costume will be free on PSN for the week following launch. Additionally, there are two new videos and over 20 new screenshots, plus a picture of the Day One edition, posted below. The trailers highlight the three-versus-three system, story, and one of the new characters, Shun’Ei.


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Atlus bringing The King of Fighters XIV to PS4 in North America

The King of Fighters XIV (PS4) Atlus Publishing Deal Announcement - Screenshot 1

Atlus is once again seeing a King of Fighters to store shelves. The upcoming, PS4-exclusive entry, The King of Fighters XIV, is scheduled to launch later this year, and Atlus will be handling publishing duties. The game will retain the series’ traditional three-versus-three setup but feature several enhancements, including streamlined controls with simplified inputs for newcomers, updated Combo and Max Mode mechanics, a training mode that will allow veterans to help new players, and a new Party Battle mode where two teams of three fight it out online. There will be 19 new characters for a total of 50 at release, all available in-game, and a design that will “bring hardcore fans and newcomers the most competitive, but accessible, game in KOF history.” The announcement also notes that the game will sport “vastly improved netcode for competitive level multiplayer.” Also, for those feeling burned by Street Fighter V, there will be a single-player story mode that follows after the events of KoF XIII.


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(PC Review) The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition

(PC Review) The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition

“… one of the best fighters of the past several years.”


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The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition now available for PC

The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition (PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

In recent years, PC gamers have had to look on as consoles received a slew of new fighters from Capcom, NetherRealm, and SNK Playmore. Lately, though, their patience has been paying off, first with a PC version of Mortal Kombat, and today with SNK’s The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition. The PC version features “massively improved netcode,” as well as new adjustable graphics options and the console release’s three DLC-only characters (Iori with the Power of Flames, Mr. Karate, and Nests-style Kyo).


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The King of Fighters-A 2012 launches for Android with bonuses, DLC

The King of Fighters-A 2012 (Android) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 4

SNK Playmore’s 2D versus fighter The King of Fighters-A 2012 has launched for Android. Specifically designed for Android and iOS, A 2012 features Virtual Pad controls, Desperation and NeoMax Super Special moves, 34 fighters, and six game modes (Team Battle, Single Battle, Endless Mode, Challenge Mode, Training Mode, and Time Attack Mode). Several bonuses have also been added for the North American launch, including previously DLC-only characters Nests-style Kyo and Iori with the Power of Flames, as well as unlockable illustrations and Trading Cards.


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The King of Fighters XIII launches on Live Games on Demand, PSN

King of Fighters XIII (360, PS3) Games on Demand and PSN Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The King of Fighters XIII, which seems to have made quite a splash at the last Evo tournament, has hit the digital circuit for 360 and PS3. The fighter, released last year in retail, has launched on Live Marketplace and PS Store for $29.99—a cool ten bucks less than the physical version.


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