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Revisiting … System Shock 2

” … System Shock 2 remains a fascinating piece of gaming history, a master class in atmosphere, and a damn fine game in its own right.”



SHODAN’s terror spreads, System Shock 2 now on

After years in legal limbo, System Shock 2, one of PC gaming’s most terrifying first-person shooters*, is back. Through the efforts of Night Dive Studios, the legal knots around the license have been undone and the core game updated to allow for a more thorough overhaul. Their work allowed the team at to polish it off to the point where System Shock 2 is now compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista, and XP, as well as many of the mods floating about. The game, including its many extras, which are detailed below, is available for a measly $9.99.


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