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State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition out now for PC, Xbox One

State of Decay Year-One Survival Edition (PC, Xbox One) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is now available for PC and Xbox One. The latest version includes the base game and both expansions, Breakdown and Lifeline, remastered in 1080p with improved animation, lighting, shadows, and textures. Combat mechanics have also been overhauled. Other added content includes a new mission type, requiring players to clear out hordes that gather around supply crates; an SUV along with 25-plus new vehicle skins; 30 minutes of new music; the ability to use Lifeline’s characters in Breakdown; Lifeline’s community upgrades in all versions; and an under-barrel grenade launcher and incendiary ammo.


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Daybreak launches website, kicks off livestreams and contests

Daybreak (Company) Launch - Screenshot 1 (H1Z1)

The recently rebranded Daybreak Game Company has revealed their new website as well as celebration plans. Beginning today, the studio will be hosting a week of livestreams of titles from their days as Sony Online Entertainment, including DC Universe Online, EverQuest, Landmark, and PlanetSide. In addition to the streams, the studio will also be giving away goodies and announcing other activities. The full schedule is available below.


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New The Long Dark update adds new region, wildlife, and more

The Long Dark (PC) Feb Update Announcement - Screenshot 1

Hinterland Studio has updated the Early Access version of their exploration- and survival-themed sandbox sim The Long Dark. The latest patch adds the rural mountain region Pleasant Valley, new wildlife (unspecified until discovered by players), harvestable plants, a new inventory interface, the ability to use torches to scare off wolves, and improved wildlife AI. Some of the general improvements include predators being attracted to the smell of blood, wind speed and direction affecting scent, and smoke wafting in the direction of the wind. The full list of additions, changes, and fixes can be found here. And for current players, the studio has found that previous saves are compatible with version 192.


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Grab your canteen and ammo, H1Z1 added to Steam Early Access

H1Z1 (PC) Steam Early Access Launch Announcement - Screenshot 4

Sony Online has announced that their zombie-themed survival title H1Z1 has launched on Steam Early Access. Available in two packages, digital survivalists can download the standard edition for $19.99 or the premium edition for $39.99. The standard edition includes early access, three event tickets, two crates, and one crate key, while the premium edition includes 25 Event Tickets, three Airdrop Tickets, six Crates, four Crate Keys, and an exclusive Aviator Hat Crafting Recipe.


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Metro Redux brings updated 2033, Last Light to console and PC

Metro Redux (PC, PS4, Xbox One) June Screenshots - Screenshot 3

Metro returns today with the enhanced next-genified re-release Metro Redux. The $49.99 bundle includes Metro 2033, its sequel Metro: Last Light, and all DLC released for both titles for PS4 and Xbox One. Each is also available separately via download for $24.99. Both games have been enhanced with new animations, new voice overs, refined combat mechanics, and improved enemy AI. Ranger Mode is also available in both games as is the option to select two different play styles, the action-heavy Spartan mode and resource-restricted Survival mode.


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11 bit studios announces new grim survival sim, This War of Mine

11 bit studios, creators of the Anomaly tower-offense series, has announced their next title: This War of Mine. Currently in development for PC and mobile devices, This War of Mine will require that players “make life-and-death decisions based on their conscience” as they attempt to survive in a makeshift shelter during an ongoing war. Described as a “dark survival game,” players will lead a handful of survivors as they scavenge during the night and spend their days upgrading their shelter, crafting items, and trading with other survivors. Additional details will be revealed at this year’s Game Developers Conference.


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