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Supplementals: God of War – Sparta, Warfare, and Mythology (Pt. 2)


II. Warfare – Phalanxes, Phalangites, and Hoplites
“In a world of near-constant warfare, a city-state had to have the mettle to back up its words.”


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Supplementals: God of War – Sparta, Warfare, and Mythology (Pt. 1)


The God of War series is about to be available in total for the first time on the PlayStation 3 with the release of God of War: Origins Collection. In honor of Kratos’ many deity-smiting journeys, we’re going to recommend some additional material to get to know more about the Spartans, including how they lived, how they fought, and the deities they worshipped.



Supplementals: Tom McDonald’s PC Games Extravaganza!

Supplementals: Tom McDonald's PC Games Extravaganza! (Print)

“…a 220-page tome of nostalgia.”


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