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Time to suit up and call in the frigates, Strike Suit Infinity on Steam

Born Ready Games has deployed Strike Suit Infinity, the new standalone arcade-style score-based shooter featuring the mechanics of Strike Suit Zero. Players will fight in rounds filled with waves of increasingly difficult enemies in an attempt to not just survive but attain the highest modifiers possible for leaderboard-dominating combos. Reinforcements can be purchased with points gained during combat, allowing players to call in fighters, frigates, and more to lend a hand.


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Strike Suit Infinity and Strike Suit Zero DLC announced

Born Ready Games is expanding the Strike Suit series with a new standalone score-based shooter, Strike Suit Infinity. Set to launch on April 30, Infinity will pit players against endless waves of enemies in a round-based, combo-heavy system that will reward skilled pilots with prime spots on the leaderboard. Between rounds, earned credits can be spent on purchasing reinforcements in the form of Fighters, Frigates, Interceptors, and Cruisers.


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