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Worlds of Magic goes goooold for PC, announced for PS4

Worlds of Magic (PC, PS4) PC Gold Announcement - Screenshot 1

Wastelands Interactive has sent word that their 4X strategy title Worlds of Magic has gone gold for PC and will be available on March 19. Additionally, the studio has partnered up with Polish publisher Teyon to release a version for PlayStation 4 with plans on releasing it later this year. Wastelands noted that the console version will feature the same content as the PC version, which includes 80-plus units, three gameplay modes, over 400 spells, and eight races: High Man, Unhallowed, Gray Elves, Draconians, Orcs, Dwarves, Dark Elves and Myrodants.


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The Huns have arrived, Total War: Attila now available for PC

Total War Atilla (PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Huns have begun their sweep across Europe today with the release of Total War: Attila. As with the original Rome and its expansion Barbarian Invasion, Attila follows Rome II and brings the timeline forward to the early medieval period. The empire is now split between Western and Eastern halves, and new factions have appeared, such as the Vikings and Goths. New features have also been introduced, such as expanded morale mechanics, including the ability to decimate a mutinous army, along with a branching skill tree, a more involved family tree, and city-management options.


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Rome II and Company of Heroes 2 free for Make War Not Love promo

Total War Rome 2 (PC) August DLC Announcement - Screenshot 2

Total War: Rome II and Company of Heroes 2 are once again going head to head for Valentine’s Day. During the Make War Not Love weekend promotion, the communities of each title will be set against one another in three hour-long rounds. During that time, every in-game victory will be tallied for each side, and the winners will be awarded with free DLC for the victorious title. Special promo-only achievements can also be earned in each title. The competition begins at noon and ends at noon on February 15, and during this time, both games will be free to download through Steam and have their downloadable content discounted.


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Offworld Trading now available through Steam Early Access

Offworld Trading Company (PC) Steam Early Access Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Mohawk Game’s interplanetary economics-themed strategy title Offworld Trading Company has been added to Steam Early Access. A special launch promotion is also ongoing to offer early adopters a 10% discount ($35.99). The Early Access version currently features head-to-head and free-for-all online play, a single-player campaign, and a skirmish mode. As an entrepreneur on Mars, players must follow the market to maximize their profits by buying and selling food, water, and other resources. Hackers and pirates are also available to lend a hand.


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El Presidente harnesses wind power in Tropico 5: Gone Green

Tropico 5 (360, PC, PS4) Gone Green Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

El Presidente has decided to embrace green tech in the recently released Gone Green DLC for Tropico 5. The download adds a new building, avatar accessories, music, and sandbox map. All of the content is based around renewable power, which will allow the president’s helpers to use the new windfarm buildings to turn the latest island addition, Isabella, into an energy-efficient tropical paradise.


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Hammerfall details Regicide Collector’s Edition bundles for PC

Regicide (PC) CE Bundles Announcement - Screenshot 2

Hammerfall Publishing has begun taking pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition bundles of Regicide, their new chess-like game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. There are 10 different Collector’s Edition bundles available for the PC version, and each features early access to the game, a set of art prints, and a t-shirt or hoodie designed by artist Stefan Kopinski. The full list of bundles can be found here. Regicide features the rules of chess but with a storyline based around the Blood Angels and other Space Marine chapters battling Orks, power-ups such as physic powers, and different battlefield types. Multiplayer will also be supported for player-versus-player matches.


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Might & Magic III – HD Edition released online for Android, iOS, PC

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD Edition (Android, iOS, PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Heroes of Might & Magic series returns today in Ubisoft’s Heroes of Might & Magic III – HD Edition for Android and iOS tables as well as Windows PC. The DotEmu-developed entry features updated graphics, seven campaign scenarios, 48 skirmish maps, and support for local multiplayer. The PC version also allows access to a map editor and a Steam lobby.


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Offworld Trading Company hitting Steam Early Access on February 12

Offworld Trading Company (PC) Steam Early Access Announcement - Header

Soren Johnson’s Mohawk Games has revealed that the studio’s debut title, Offworld Trading Company, will be available on Steam Early Access on February 12. The economic sim focuses on players trying to maximize their profits by exploiting the resources of Mars. Colonists need resources, food, and water to survive, and skillful players will be able to parlay their business acumen—along with the help of hackers and pirates— into riches that will see them expanding into offworld markets. The Early Access version includes a single-player campaign, a skirmish mode, and head-to-head as well as free-for-all online modes. A few screens and a gameplay trailer were released as well, and can be found below.


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Breach & Clear: Deadline now available on Steam Early Access

Breach and Clear Deadline (PC) Steam Early Access Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Mighty Rabbit Studios and Gun Media’s zombie-infested, top-down strategy-shooter hybrid Breach & Clear: Deadline has launched on Steam Early Access. An early alpha was released last summer, and since then, the developers have expanded the game with daily leaderboards, new enemies, extra sidequests, and new navigable areas within the open world. PAX attendees will be able to try their hand at wiping out the undead this weekend at Gambitious Digital Entertainment and Devolver Digital’s booth (1243).


PC News adds Rogue Squadron 3D, Rebellion, and Empire at War

GOG (PC) Even More LucasArts Releases Announcement - Screenshot 2 (Rogue Squadron 3D)

After adding six LucasArts’ titles to the service on Tuesday, has announced that three more games have gone live today and three more will join them on January 27. As for today, the three games that have been added include Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D, Star Wars Rebellion, and Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack. Both Rogue Squadron 3D and Rebellion are making their digital debut. Next week will see the addition of Dark Forces II, Republic Commando, and Starfighter.


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