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Minecraft: Console Edition gets Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack

Minecraft (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack Announcement - Screenshot 1

Minecraft: Console Editions are getting a touch of the force today with the Star Wars Prequel Skin Pack. The $2.99 download includes more than 50 character skins from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Check below to see the full list of skins.



PlayStation 4 getting price drop to $349.99 on Oct. 9, bundles detailed

PlayStation 4 (Console) Uncharted Collection Bundle - Art

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 will be getting a price drop of $50 to $349.99 as of October 9. Additionally, several bundles were also updated for the new price, including the Nathan Drake Collection Bundle with a 500 GB unit for $349.99 and a Canada-only NHL 16 Bundle with a 500 GB unit for $429.99. Only one system will come packed with the new 1 TB hard drive. The full list of bundles that will be on offer throughout the holiday seasons is available below.


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Star Wars Battlefront to launch for console, PC on November 17

Electronic Arts has released a new trailer announcing that Dice’s Star Wars Battlefront will be released on November 17. The game will feature solo, co-op (couch and online), and 40-player versus missions across Endor, Hoth, Sallust, and Tatooine. Players will be able to play as characters from the original trilogy, including Boba Fett and Darth Vader, as well as pilot speeder bikes, snow speeders, AT-ATs, Tie fighters, and the Millennium Falcon. The video runs a little over two minutes long and features a forest battle powered by the game’s engine, showcasing a handful of the different abilities, vehicles, and races.


DLC, PlayStation 4 News, Xbox One News adds Rogue Squadron 3D, Rebellion, and Empire at War

GOG (PC) Even More LucasArts Releases Announcement - Screenshot 2 (Rogue Squadron 3D)

After adding six LucasArts’ titles to the service on Tuesday, has announced that three more games have gone live today and three more will join them on January 27. As for today, the three games that have been added include Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D, Star Wars Rebellion, and Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack. Both Rogue Squadron 3D and Rebellion are making their digital debut. Next week will see the addition of Dark Forces II, Republic Commando, and Starfighter.


PC News adds Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Monkey Island, and more

GOG (PC) LucasArts and Disney Deal Announcement - Screenshot 1 (Tie Fighter)

Several of us here have been waiting years for this news: has added Star Wars: X-Wing Special Edition and Star Wars: Tie Fighter Special Edition to their library. Actually, the service added six games in total as part of a new deal with new license holders Disney Interactive, including Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Sam & Max Hit the Road, The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. All are fantastic, but the two space-based combat flight sims in particular have been sorely missed. And this isn’t all. This batch represents only the first wave of a 20-plus-title deal.


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Zen Pinball 2 launching for PS4 on Dec.17 with free, paid DLC tables

Zen Pinball 2 (PS4) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1 (Dr Strange Table)

Zen Studios is expanding their pinball empire later this month with the release of Zen Pinball 2 for PS4. The upcoming version is scheduled to launch on December 17, and as before, the game will be a free download and serve as a platform for downloading tables as DLC. There will be 20 tables at launch, and each will be available individually or as part of eight different sets (Star Wars Pinball, Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force, Marvel Pinball, Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles, Plants vs. Zombies Pinball, Epic Quest, Paranormal, and Earth Defense).


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Star Wars Pinball announced for consoles, mobile, and PC

The Rebels and the Empire will be taking their never-ending war to the ultimate battlefield: the pinball table. Zen Studios, the current go-to developers for all things pinball, will be bringing a new dimension to the most famous of intergalactic wars with Star Wars Pinball. The new collection will be available later this month and launch with an initial three-table pack consisting of themed tables based on The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett, and The Clone Wars. The tables will include interactive 3D characters, including Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, in-game friend challenges, and online as well as local hotseat multiplayer.


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Rise of the Hutt Cartel announced for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) Rise of the Hutt Cartel DLC Announcement - Header

BioWare has announced that the first downloadable expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Rise of the Hutt Cartel, is available for pre-order. The add-on will feature a new fully voiced storyline that will see players venturing to the dual-faction planet of Makeb and battling against the Hutt Cartel. The expansion will also add new allies, enemies, and technologies, as well as five new levels of missions and an increased level cap of 55.


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Star Wars: The Old Republic gets Update 1.5, free-to-play option

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) Free-to-Play Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

BioWare has released a new update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated, coinciding with the launch of the game’s new free-to-play option. Newcomers can now play the game for free up to level 50, as well as complete the storylines of all eight classes. All players are able to access the new content introduced in Game Update 1.5: HK-51 Activated, which includes a new mode, new areas, and a new Companion character.


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Star Wars: The Old Republic to embrace free-to-play model this fall

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare’s take on a Star Wars MMO, will be going free-to-play this fall. Well, partly. The game will actually add a free-to-play option, with diehard fans able to keep their subscription for unrestricted access to all content as well as some of the new in-game currency, Cartel Coins. The free option will allow players access to each of the eight characters, though there will be a level limit (50) and restrictions on advanced features and accessing new content. For the free players who want a little more, Cartel Coins can be used to unlock some of the premium material.


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