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Windjammers to get jamming on PS4, PS Vita this August

The future truly is now with word that DotEmu will be releasing the super futuristic quasi-sport Windjammers on August 29. The explosive-disc-throwing game of legend will be making its way to PS4 and PS Vita with six characters, local and online multiplayer, and a Ranked Mode with ladder support. DotEmu wants gamers jamming in style, though, so they have teamed up with Fangamer and Wham-O for official merchandise, including T-shirts, caps, pins, and frisbees. I never thought I would see the day when I could buy an official Windjammers frisbee. We live in amazing times, friends.


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Blazing Star, Last Blade, dozen more SNK titles added to

SNK has brought several of their lines to Fifteen of their arcade hits have been added to the DRM-free platform, including Baseball Stars 2, Blazing Star, Fatal Fury Special, Last Blade, Metal Slug, Samurai Shodown (1, II, and the elusive V Special), Shock Troopers, and The King of Fighters (2000 and 2002). Some of them support GOG Galaxy features, such as achievements, leaderboards and multiplayer. The games can be purchased individually or as a part of three bundles, and are discounted from 50-75% off.


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The court calls! Windjammers open beta kicking off in June for PS4

The future of sports will be reaching PS4 shortly with the launch of an online closed beta for Windjammers. Players will be able to toss their energized discs of fury from June 8 through June 12 via PSN. Access codes can be acquired by subscribed to the beta at During the period, users will be testing the game’s matchmaking system, leaderboard, and net code. The cutoff date is June 5.


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The Reikland Reavers show off their moves in Blood Bowl 2 trailer

Cyanide has rolled out the first gameplay footage from Blood Bowl 2. The video features the human Reikland Reavers squaring off against orcs, demonstrating some of the 75 different skills. There’s also a glimpse of what the new engine brings to the series, including cheering fans, a dynamic camera, and improved animations. The official site has also been relaunched, offering more info on multiplayer and the eight playable races.


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Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991 compilation now on Steam

Cinemaware has announced the launch of Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991, a collection of some of their biggest titles. The $9.99 digital release includes 13 games, and for those released on multiple operating systems, the option to play either the Amiga version or PC MS-DOS version. All of the included games have been updated to run on Windows 7 or 8 and will come with a digital version of their original manual and soundtrack in MP3 format. The full list of titles is available below.


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MLB 14 The Show in stores, online for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita

MLB The Show makes its PS4 debut today with MLB 14 The Show, and it has also launched for PS3 and PS Vita. The latest in the premier baseball series includes Quick Counts to reduce the amount of time necessary to play a nine-inning game, Player Lock to focus on one player and their position, and the ability to import saves from previous entries. In addition, Sony notes that there are over 50 other new features and improvements.


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Online play restored to 360 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

A new patch to restore full online play has gone live for the 360 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. According to Konami, the update “remedies all online issues” and will be automatically installed from within the game. After updating, gamers will be able to access online mode as well as Master League Online. Problems with downloading game updates via Konami data packs should also be fixed. A beta patch to allow full 11-vs-11 Online play was also announced, and is said to be available in a few weeks.


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Mutant League’s return Kickstarted as Mutant Football League

Gamers who cut their teeth during the 16-bit era will undoubtedly remember EA’s strange Mutant League series for the Sega Genesis. The violent sports line featured teams of monsters and mutants battling it out in football and hockey. Now, on the 20th anniversary of Mutant League Football’s release, series creator Michael Mendheim is looking to resurrect the line with Mutant Football League. Mendheim is hoping to crowdsource enough funding through Kickstarter to develop and release the spiritual success for Android, iOS, and Xbox Live Arcade. Some of the planned features include 30 teams, stadium traps, weapon-wielding fans, team and character customization, four-plus races, and a loaded arsenal including bombs and chainsaws.


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MLB 12 The Show now available for PS3, PS Vita

MLB 12 The Show (PS3, Vita) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

MLB 12 The Show has hit store shelves for the PS3 and PS Vita. The long-running series continues with support for the Move in all modes, cross-platform save functionality between the PS3 and Vita, enhanced graphics and mechanics, and TruBroadcast presentations. The new cross functionality includes all of the core components, including Exhibition, and Home Run Derby, with the ability to share save files, allowing for The Show progression to be moved between systems. In addition, ’12 adds an entirely new mode, Diamond Dynasty.


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