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Jack Kelly hits the streets in new gameplay trailer for Beat Cop

Beat Cop (PC) Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

A new trailer for Beat Cop follows a day in the life of officer Jack Kelly. As the everyman defender of law and order, players will chase shoplifters, investigate crimes, and write tickets throughout Brooklyn. When he’s not representing the long arm of the law, he’s busy solving his most important case: who framed him for murder. All in a day’s work for a flatfoot.


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This War of Mine – The Little Ones DLC now available for PC

This War of Mine (PC) The Little Ones Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

11 bit studios has released a new downloadable pack for This War of Mine, The Little Ones. The drop shifts the player’s perspective to a group of adults that are tasked with taking care of children. Stuck in a besieged city, players must once again guide a beleaguered group through the chaos of war. Caring for the children will require a different approach from the base game, as adults will need to build toys and play games with them. The studio also announced that they’ve helped to raise over $137,000 for the War Child charity, and that every dollar from the pack will go towards the fund.


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(PC Review) FTL: Faster Than Light

(PC Review) FTL Faster Than Light

“… a remarkable thing, one that is both rare and rewarding for anyone who’s ever wanted a space survival game that is more personal in scope.”


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