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Toy Soldiers: War Chest to launch on August 11 for console, PC

The Toy Soldiers series will be returning on August 11 with Toy Soldiers: War Chest for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. War Chest, developed by Signal Studios, will be available in two versions, a standard download-only release and a deluxe version, the Hall of Fame edition, that will be sold in stores and digitally. The base game will feature four armies, while Hall of Fame will include an additional four licensed armies: G.I. Joe, He-Man, Cobra Commander, and Ezio. Each army can also be downloaded separately or together in the Legendary Heroes bundle.


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Death to the Titans! Ascend: Hand of Kul launches for 360

Microsoft has released a new free-to-play action-RPG for 360, Signal Studios’ Ascend: Hand of Kul. As creations and servants of the gods, players control the massive mighty warriors known as Caos to do battle against the immortal Titans. Not a good spot to find oneself in. But in addition to battling the Titans, players must also defend against attacks from other players to establish themselves in the wider battle that takes place on multiple planes. Caos troops can interfere in the worlds of their rivals with Crusade Spells, and even sacrifice themselves to create a new, stronger character.


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