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Tommo and Sega to release Genesis, Saturn, Game Gear iPhone kit

Tommo will be releasing a line of themed iPhone 5 and 5s covers, along with a Bluetooth speaker and Power Partner battery charges, based on several Sega systems. The cases will launch later this month and include a Genesis System-themed case, along with a Genesis Controller case, Game Gear Classic case, and a Saturn Classic case, each for $24.99. Following in December is the $89.99 Bluetooth 4.0-compatible Sega Genesis Speaker, which will feature “stereo sound, NFC, AptX, and Multi-paring support, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.“ Around the same time, Tommo will launch the Genesis and Saturn Power Partner battery chargers, which will have a laser-engraved hardware-themed design, dual charging ports, a bonus retro-style protective case, and a custom travel pouch, each for $69.99.


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