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Wargame Red Dragon MP Beta Early Access launches for pre-orders

Wargame Red Dragon (PC) MP Beta Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Wargame’s latest entry, Red Dragon, is now in Beta Early Access. Gamers who have or will pre-order before the game’s release next month will be able to immediately access multiplayer. Eugen plans on releasing new content regularly throughout the beta, including units, which will include warships and other naval craft, maps, and the dynamic campaign system. For those still playing AirLand Battle, Eugen is offering 25% off of Red Dragon when pre-ordering through Steam or the official site.


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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes detected (!) in stores, online

Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes (360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Konami has released the prequel to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes. Available in stores and online for 360, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One, Ground Zeroes follows Big Boss as he tackles a rescue mission inside of a Cuban prison camp. The 1975 op sees him sneaking into Camp Omega, which will allow players to attempt the rescue through pure stealth, action, or a combination of the two. The assignment also allows players to exerpience many of the new features, including a day-and-night cycle, dynamic weather, and second-screen functionality with the iDroid App for Android, iOS, and Xbox SmartGlass devices. Additional side missions also extend the gameplay beyond the core mission.


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Shin Megami Tensei makes its English debut today, out for iOS

Shin Megami Tensei (iOS) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Shin Megami Tensei fans will finally—finally!—get the chance to play the original release with an official translation today. Correction: some fans. Shin Megami Tensei, the one that started it all, is now available on App Stores worldwide for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (4th gen or later), and iPad; iOS 4.3 is required. The 40-plus-hour dungeon crawler features many of the elements that have made the series so popular, including the ability to negotiate and recruit demons, character choices that impact the ending, and contrasting alignment scales. As an added bonus, from today through March 31, the game will be reduced from its original price of $7.99 to $5.99.


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Bound by Flame to set forth this May, new screenshots released

Bound by Flame (360, PC, PS3, PS4) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Spiders studios has revealed that their upcoming role-playing game Bound by Flame will available for 360, PC, PS3, and PS4 on May 9. It was also announced that Majesco has signed on as distributor to assist publisher Focus Home Interactive’s efforts in North America. Six new screenshots were released alongside the new info, each showing some of the different enemies that players will have to face during their journey.


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CA details approach to Alien: Isolation in new developer video

A new behind-the-scenes trailer has been released from Total War creator Creative Assembly’s upcoming Alien: Isolation. The nearly three-and-a-half-minute video features several members of the development team discussing their plans to recreate the feelings of isolation and powerlessness that were so prevalent in the 1979 original film. One way the studio hopes to achieve this is by breaking from the trend of basing gameplay around scripted events and opting for a more reactive design.


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New Soulcalibur Lost Swords screens reveal the return of Hilde

Soulcalibur Lost Swords (PS3) Hilde Announcement - Screenshot 1

Hilde, the embattled heir to the Kingdom of Wolfkrone, will be returning to Soulcalibur this spring with the launch of the free-to-play Lost Swords. Last seen in Soulcalibur V, a handful of new screenshots were released showing her in action as she continues on her quest to destroy Soul Edge and secure her realm.


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Total War: Rome II to get Hannibal at the Gates, free DLC this month

Total War Rome 2 (PC) Hannibal at the Gates DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Creative Assembly will be following up their Caesar in Gaul downloadable expansion for Total War: Rome II with a new add-on, Hannibal at the Gates. Scheduled to launch on March 27, the new pack will focus on the Second Punic War with a new 19-province campaign map, three new playable factions (Arevaci, Lusitani, and Syracuse), 12-turn years, and new diplomacy-centric civil tech trees for Carthage and Rome. Free DLC was also announced, but no details were given. Additionally, a tenth patch is currently in beta and should also be out soon.


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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD hitting Steam soon

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate HD (360, PC, PS3) PC Announcement - Screenshot 1

The console re-release of the prequel to Lords of Shadow 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD, will be launching this month for PC. The visually upgraded version is based off an enhanced console port of the 3DS original, and will be available through Steam. Set 25 years after the original Lords of Shadow, Mirror of Fate follows Simon and Trevor Belmont in their quest to defeat their ancestor Gabriel Belmont who has returned as the powerful vampire Dracula.


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Mugen Souls Z coming to North America this May

Mugen Souls Z (PS3) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

NIS has announced that Compile Heart and GCrest’s latest Mugen release, Mugen Souls Z, will be available on May 20. Set shortly after the first game, players will control the goddess Syrma and travel alongside Chou-Chou and her motley gang in an effort to stop a mysterious ancient threat. Returning elements include turn-based combat, free-roaming battle maps, heavy customization, and explorable worlds. New additions mentioned include new G-Castle battles, team abilities, and galactic attacks.


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Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky ships for PS3

Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky (PS3) Release Announcement - Screenshot 1

Grab your mortar and pestle, it’s time to get back to work. The Atelier series continues today with the release of Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky for PS3. Players will once again gather ingredients and craft items and potions, take on assignments, and battle monsters. This time around, there will be two storylines that focus on different gameplay elements, with Escha’s portion replete with crafting and synthesizing, while Logy’s sections are geared towards action, exploration, and customization. Other changes include the bump from three party members to six, a streamlined synthesis system, and a new alchemist ability that increases item effectiveness when used successively.


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