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Strength of the Sword 3 added to PS Plus sale, .99 starting tomorrow

Strength of the Sword 3 (PS3) Sale Announcement - Screenshot 1

Ivent Games has sent word that their downloadable action title Strength of the Sword 3 is going on sale tomorrow on PSN. From October 15 to November 18, PlayStation Plus members will be able to download the title for $0.99, four bucks off the regular price. Gamers looking for some tough indie action can check it out on PS Store.


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Tales of Hearts R gets bonus pre-order costumes, to support PS TV

Tales of Hearts R (PS Vita) Pre-Order Announcement - Screenshot 1

Some new Tales info today from Bandai Namco. Pre-orders for the upcoming Tales of Hearts R will come with access to six extra costumes, each taken from a different entry in the series: Tales of the Tempest, Symphonia, Dawn of the New World, Graces f, and Vesperia. The physical copy, which will only be available at GameStop, will come with a voucher to download the costumes, while the downloadable version, the Digital Limited Edition, will be bundled with them. The Digital Limited Edition will be available to purchase on release day, November 11, until the end of the month.


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See Castellano’s deadly, shifting world in new The Evil Within trailer

Bethesda has released another survival-themed trailer for The Evil Within. The latest video, World Within, details the monster-infested nether realm that players will find themselves in as Detective Castellanos. Shifting environments, puzzles, stealth, and side paths are all covered in the nearly three and a half minute video. The upcoming survival-horror title from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and studio Tango Gameworks is scheduled to launch next week, so be sure to catch up on the latest gruesomely informative videos here and here.


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Sunset Overdrive goes goooold, pre-order extras and more detailed

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One) Gold Announcement - Screenshot 1

Microsoft has sent word that Insomniac Games’ upcoming action shooter Sunset Overdrive has gone gold. Pre-orders are now open, and gamers who put down their cash between now and the game’s release on October 28 will receive the Day One Edition or, for a bit more, the Day One Digital Deluxe Edition. Both versions come with a variety of extras, including modified weapons and an outfit. The full list of items is available below. The Digital version is slightly more expensive at $79.99, but it also includes the $19.99 Season Pass, which adds exclusive outfits as well as new amps and traps.


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Final Fantasy XIII now available on Steam, SE Store for PC

Final Fantasy XIII (360, PC, PS3) PC Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Final Fantasy XIII has launched as a download-only release for PC. Available through Square Enix Online Store and Steam, the PC version features 60 frames per second, dual audio for those wanting Japanese dialog with English subtitles, and support for Steam Trading Cards. The rest of the trilogy is slated for release in spring 2015.


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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley goes gooooold for 3DS

Harvest Moon The Lost Valley (3DS) Gone Gold Announcement - Screenshot 1

Natsume has announced that Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley has gone gold for 3DS. The latest entry in the farming-centric role-playing series will hit stores on November 4, but gamers who pre-order before then from GameStop or the Natsume store will receive a 5” plushie designed after the player’s in-game pet dog. A collector’s edition is also available exclusively at the Natsume store, which comes with a 12” rabbit plushie.



Halo: The Master Chief Collection gets Warlord as final Halo 2 map

Halo The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One) Halo 2 Warlock Map Announcement - Screenshot 1

The last of the six classic multiplayer maps being added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been announced, Warlord. The map will included as part of Halo 2: Anniversary, but it originated in Halo as Wizard, which was followed by two further revisions, the first as Warlock in Halo 2 and the second as Magus in Halo: Reach. This updated version will feature additional skill jumps, more cover, and a new weapon located in the center. Warlord joins Ascension, Coagulation, Lockout, Sanctuary, and Zanzibar.


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Free digital upgrade plan revealed for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Digital Upgrade Announcement - Screenshot 1

Activision has announced a free upgrade plan for the digital versions of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Gamers who pick up the current-gen versions through Live for 360 or PSN for PS3 by March 31 will be able to download their next-gen equivalent for Xbox One or PS4 at no additional cost. All multiplayer stats and DLC purchases, including the Season Pass, will also carry over to the new versions for free, as long as the Xbox Gamertag and PSN ID are the same. Note that physical copies aren’t eligible for the free upgrade.


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Beware Vilius! Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle deploys for 3DS

Tenkai Knights Brave Battle (3DS) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Tenkai Knights are making their 3DS debut today in Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle. Based off the anime currently airing on Cartoon Network, players will be able to harness Tenkai Energy to transform into one of the Tenkai Knights and battle against Vilius and The Corrupted. Missions are based off the series’ first season, and they can be tackled solo or in a co-op mode with a friend. Multiplayer versus modes are also included, allowing players to test their customized robots against their friends’. For fans of the show wanting to spruce up their collection, Target is selling a special bundle for the same price as the standard edition ($29.99) that includes a red metallic Bravenwolf mini-figure.



Traps, crossbows, and more in new The Evil Within trailer

The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks’ upcoming survival-horror title, is due out next week, and Bethesda has released a new gameplay video. The trailer, Fight for Life, runs around three and a half minutes long and features more blood-splattered walls, monsters, and combat, but the focus this time is on traps. Traps can not only be used to lure enemies to their (final) death but also to construct new weapons, with the footage demonstrating a powerful mechanical crossbow. It’s one of the more action-packed videos to come out, plus it has an extended sequence with Pyramid Head’s long-lost brother, The Keeper.


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