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Sega releases new screens, final developer interview for Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5 (PS3) Video Series 3 Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sega has released the third and final entry in their developer interview for Yakuza 5. The ending interview is with general director Toshihiro Nagoshi and producer Masayoshi Yokoyama, and covers the game’s themes, music, and impending Western release. If you’ve missed the first two parts, head over to part 1 and then part 2. Also, while an exact release date is still unknown, the game has gone up for pre-order, and it was revealed today that early buyers will receive a 15% discount and the Fulfiller of Dreams static theme. New screenshots were also released, as well as a look at the theme.


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Dishonored Definitive Edition now available for PS4, Xbox One

Dishonored Definitive Edition (PS4 Xbox One) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

New console owners are getting their chance to explore the plagued-filled streets of Dunwall today with the release of Dishonored Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. The latest outing includes graphically enhanced versions of the original game along with all downloadable content: Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall, The Brigmore Witches, and Void Walker’s Arsenal. The packs add a two-part side story starring the assassin Daud, whom you will get to know in the original story, a 10-map challenge, and all four downloads that were previously pre-order bonuses.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops III PS4 multiplayer beta extended until tonight

Call of Duty Black Ops III (PC PS3 PS4 Xbox 360 Xbox One) Beta Extension - Screenshot 1

Treyarch has announced through their Twitter account that they are extending the Call of Duty: Black Ops III PS4 beta through 10 p.m. (PST) tonight. They also added and adjusted several items during the weekend. The Spectre specialist was added, as was a new attack-and-defend mode, Safeguard, and the level cap was increased to 40. Head over to their blog for more details.


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Lara takes the stealthy route in new Rise of the Tomb Raider video

Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360, Xbox One) Stealth Trailer - Screenshot 1

Crystal Dynamics has put together a new gameplay video for Rise of the Tomb Raider. The latest footage highlights Lara’s less-lethal side, as she makes her way around an armed gang by sticking to the shadows and utilizing distractions. Nearly five minutes of play and not a single arrow to the neck? I didn’t know such a level of restraint existed.


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Sega translated a live-action promo for Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX (3DS) Weird Video Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sega has released three new videos for their upcoming rhythm title Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX. These aren’t gameplay videos, though, but translated videos of a live-action version of Hatsune Miku, known as Mikudayo. I’m going to be honest with you, it’s almost fever-dream level of surreal. Give them a watch here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. They’re worth a look.



3D Gunstar Heroes now available on eShop for 3DS

3DS Gunstar Heroes (3DS) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Treasure’s legendary action side-scroller Gunstar Heroes has been added to Sega’s 3D Classics line. 3D Gunstar Heroes, now available on eShop, features two versions (Japanese and International), local co-op, emulation options, stereoscopic 3D support, and new gameplay modes. The added modes include Mega Life (more health), Mega Shot (double damage), and Gunslinger (allows for players to discover new weapon combinations, a la Alien Soldier). The game’s extensive scrolling and high-intensity action made it particularly difficult to port to 3DS, and it was actually passed over previously. The technically minded curious about how it was accomplished can find some answers in a new interview with producer Yosuke Okunari and M2 president Naoki Horii at Sega’s blog.



Naoto trailer, two lyric videos up for Persona 4: Dancing All Night

Persona 4 Dancing All Night (PS4) Naoto Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Three new videos have gone live for Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Two are lyric videos for Snowflakes (Narasaki Remix) and Time to make history (Akira Yamaoka Remix), while the third is a character video starring Naoto Shirogane. A handful of new shots featuring the famed detective were also released.


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Gryphon Knight Epic takes to the skies, out now for PC

Gryphon Knight (PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Cyber Rhino Studios has released their 2D shooter Gryphon Knight Epic. As Sir Oliver, players take to their mighty gryphon, Aquila, to battle through eight levels and duel against former friends who are now enemies of the land.


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Eighth car list revealed for Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One) Car List 8 Announcement - Screenshot 1

Turn 10 Studios has rolled out their eighth set of car reveals for Forza Motorsport 6. Today’s highlights are the 1969 Nissan #21 Nissan Racing R382, a Japanese Grand Prix winner, and the 1993 Peugeot #3 Peugeot Talbot Sport 905 EVO 1C. As always details for each as well as the full list can be found below.


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Alto tunes some witches in new Stella Glow mechanic trailer

Stella Glow (3DS)Witch Tuning Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Stella Glow’s witch-tuning mechanic is highlighted in a new trailer. Five witches call upon song magic, but if their song becomes out of tune, it’s up to the player to set things right. As Alto, players will lend a hand by tuning the witches, which will require him entering their hearts in order to rid their psyches of anxiety and fear. Alto has a limited amount of time, so players must carefully consider which witches they will build trust with in order to Tune them.