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Saints Row IV launches for consoles and PC, console patch released

Deep Silver has announced that Saints Row IV has launched for 360, PC, and PS3. In the latest installment, players take on the role of President of the United States and lead the country in a war against alien invaders from their hometown of Steelport. Volition has also released day-one patches for the console versions, which include a host of fixes and tweaks. The full list for both versions can be found below.


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Saints Row IV pre-order Commander in Chief Edition announced

Deep Silver will be upgrading all pre-orders of Saints Row IV to the Commander in Chief Edition. The next entry in the series will put players in the shoes of the President of the United States during an alien invasion, and the bonuses will help even the odds. The upgrade includes the Screaming Eagle, a weapon that fires rockets and stuns enemies with a Sonic Scream attack, an Uncle Sam uniform, and the all-purpose, American Army Knife-styled ‘Merica weapon.


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Saints Row: The Third – Enter the Dominatrix heads to Saints Row 4

Saints Row (360, PS3) Enter the Dominatrix shifted to Saints Row 4 Announcement - Header

Some bad news and some good news, Saints Row fans. First off, the bad news: Enter the Dominatrix, the standalone expansion confirmed last month and set to be released this fall, will not be coming out. But that doesn’t mean that all those floppy alien tentacle bats and abduction rays will be going to waste—perish the thought! Instead, they will be rolled into a bigger project: the recently announced fourth sequel.


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