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Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley set to release this year for 3DS

Harvest Moon The Lost Valley (3DS) Announcement - Logo

Natsume has announced that they will be bringing a new Harvest Moon to the 3DS later this year. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley will again feature the farming and role-playing elements of its predecessors, as well as be the first 3D entry in the series. Customization will also be a focus, with players (slash farmers slash adventurers) capable of personalizing the world and fields. Additional details will be revealed at E3.



Square Enix Collective pilot goes live, three candidates up for vote

Square Enix Collective (Platform) Announcement - Screenshot 1 (Game of Glens)

Square Enix is getting more involved in the community-driven development scene with a new pilot program, Square Enix Collective. Similar to Steam Early Access, players will vote on which game interests them most, but unlike Early Access, gamers are voting on concepts. Winners will be put up on Indiegogo for funding, with funded titles being supported by Square Enix throughout development and assistance with distribution on digital outlets at release. According to Collective project lead Phil Elliott, “It’s up to the teams how much or little help they want from Square Enix and it’s our opportunity to help some fantastic games become a reality and uncover the development stars of the future.”


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