Developer- and Publisher-specific Articles: QuakeCon 2013

QuakeCon 2013 Tournament Lineup announced

Bethesda has released the full QuakeCon 2013 tournament lineup. There are two Quake matches, a one versus one and three versus three, as well as a Doom anniversary challenge. All matches will be broadcast live with commentary by shoutcasters Face It. Details are available below.


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QuakeCon 2013 pre-registration opens, limited packages announced

Online pre-registration will launch today at 7:00 p.m. (CST) for QuakeCon 2013. Admission is free, as always, but pre-registration will be for the for-pay packages that offer additional perks and extra goodies. There are four packages in total, each offering different extras, from swag to guaranteed seating, as well as options to mix and match. All packages are on a first-come, first-served basis.


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Early details revealed for fragfest QuakeCon 2013

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id’s annual celebration will kick off once again this August with QuakeCon 2013. Bethesda has released the first round of info for hopeful attendees, including time and available packages. The eighteenth QuakeCon—great, now I feel old—will take place from August …


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