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Quake Champions upcoming Burial Chamber Arena revealed

Bethesda is offering a quick look at one of the upcoming Arenas for Quake Champions. Burial Chamber is a gothic-styled area with platforms, lava pools, tight corridors, and a handful of open spaces. Its numerous environmental hazards ensure that players have to keep an eye out on their footing, mindful of the flowing lava, in addition to enemy fire. Check out the reveal trailer below. Players who want to sign up for the upcoming closed beta can now submit their name at


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Quake Champions getting a version of Quake III’s Camping Grounds

A new trailer and handful of screenshots offer a first look at Quake Champions’ upcoming take on The Camping Grounds, Blood Covenant. Fans of the series will remember the original level from Quake III Arena, Q3DM6. The new version is said to retain several sections, namely “the long Jump Pad to the Rocket Launcher, the Quad Damage spawn, the Railgun ledge, and the tightly spaced battles in the Pillars.” Newer bits take into account the active and passive abilities available in Champions. PAX East attendees can drop by Bethesda’s booth (#18007 and 20007) to try it out.


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QuakeCon 2013 pre-registration opens, limited packages announced

Online pre-registration will launch today at 7:00 p.m. (CST) for QuakeCon 2013. Admission is free, as always, but pre-registration will be for the for-pay packages that offer additional perks and extra goodies. There are four packages in total, each offering different extras, from swag to guaranteed seating, as well as options to mix and match. All packages are on a first-come, first-served basis.


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QuakeCon 2011 Quake Live, Brink tournament details announced

QuakeCon 2011 PreReg Open Announcement logo

Bethesda has announced tournament details for the upcoming convention of all things id, QuakeCon. The latest in the long-running free event is set to take place at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, from August 4-7. This year’s convention will feature tournaments for Quake Live and Brink. Quake Live will have two tournaments, a 16-player Duel and an eight-team Team Deathmatch, while Brink will host a 16-team Team Death of five-player crews. All players will be using the same system, the Alienware Aurora, and prizes top $40,000. Full details are provided below.


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