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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn hitting PSN on July 1 for $39.99

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn (PS3) Unit Announcement - Screenshot 1

Bandai Namco has revealed that Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn will be available for PS3 through PSN on July 1. In addition, they also released screenshots and names of five recently announced playable mobile suits: SCV-70 White Base, MA-08 Big Zam, CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X, GFAS-X1 Destroy, and the ZGMF-X666S Legend. These join a roster that’s said to be the largest of any Gundam game to date.


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BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma ver. 1.1 update going live this week

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma (PS3, PS Vita) PS Vita Announcement - Screenshot 5

The PS3 version of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will be updated to version 1.1 at 12:00 a.m. (PST) this Wednesday, according to Aksys Games. The patch will focus on improving the challenge and training modes. The PS Vita version will be released as 1.1 when it launches on June 24.


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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Devastation launches for PC, PS3 and PS4

Call of Duty Ghosts (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Devastation DLC Announcement - Screenshot 2

PC, PS3 and PS4 Call of Duty players can now download the latest add-on, Devastation. Already available for 360 and Xbox, Devastation, detailed below, includes four new multiplayer maps, the Ripper machine gun/assault rifle combo weapon, part two of Extinction’s four-part episodic campaign (Mayday), and a new boss, the Kraken.


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R-Type Dimensions to bring R-Type I and II to PSN this month

A new R-Type set has been announced for PS3. R-Type Dimensions, which includes R-Type and R-Type II, will be hitting PSN on May 20. Previously published by Irem Software, the new version will be released by Tozai Games and feature a classic mode, a new enhanced mode with updated high-resolution 2D/3D graphics and remixed music, a two-player co-op mode, Infinite Mode, a Level Select mode, worldwide leaderboards, tracked player stats, and a slow-motion function.


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Battle Princess of Arcadias to wage war on PSN this June

Battle Princess of Arcadias (PS3) Announcement - Screenshot 1

NIS has announced that they will be bringing the side-scrolling beat ‘em up Battle Princess of Arcadias to North America this summer. The PSN–exclusive action RPG will launch on June 17 for PS3 and feature “an extensive upgrade system” that will allow players to unlock new weapons, characters, skills, and abilities through combat. As Battle Princess Plume, who is undoubtedly as vicious as her name, players will recruit soldiers and destroy the hordes of monsters that have overrun the Kingdom of Schwert. Vae victis!


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Ubisoft’s JRPG-inspired Child of Light launches for console, PC

Child of Light (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Ubisoft has launched their download-only role-playing game Child of Light. A reimagining of fairytales styled after classic watercolor art, Child of Light is Ubisoft Montreal’s take on traditional Japanese RPGs, with players taking on the role of the young princess Aurora in her quest to win back the heavens from the Queen of Night. In a twist on the formula, platforming has been added alongside a traditional turn-based combat system.


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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle preps for launch with trailer

JoJos Bizarre Adventure (PS3) Trailer and Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The CyberConnect2-developed fighter JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle will be launching tomorrow on PSN and shipping out from Amazon and Club Namco. To get gamers up to speed on the lore behind the strange brawler, Bandai Namco has released an eight-minute-long trailer covering the storyline up to its third arc. The summary is filled with a lot of weird-looking fighters spouting crazy dialog and pummeling each other into oblivion. Check it out below.


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Retro RPG End of Serenity heading to PSP this summer

End of Serenity (PSP) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Natsume has announced that they will be publishing Kemco’s handheld role-playing game End of Serenity. The game will be a download-only release for PSP and launch on PSN later this summer. Described as “a traditional Japanese RPG,” End of Serenity will sport a retro 16-bit look and follow the player’s investigation into the Underworld gang’s recent collection of strange objects called Atomigems. The game will have a heavy emphasis on customization, with over 120 assignable skills, and a combat system that includes the ability to summon giant beasts during battle.


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Dungeons require crawling, Demon Gaze out now for PS Vita

Demon Gaze (PS Vita) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

A new dungeon crawler from NIS America has launched for PS Vita today, Demon Gaze. The first-person role-playing game features 3D dungeons, turn-based combat, and a variety of recruitable party members. As a twist, players must foot the bill for the characters they take on board as they’ll take up a room in the only remaining safe inn. A bonus is also being offered for players who pick the game within the first month of release: free Disgaea character portrait DLC of Etna, Flonne, Sicily, Asagi, and Prinny.


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Trials Fusion now in stores, online for 360, PS4, and Xbox One

Trials Fusion (360, PC, PS3, PS4) PC Beta Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 5

RedLynx’s follow-up to Trials Evolution, Trials Fusion, is out today for 360, PS4, and Xbox One. A download version is available for $19.99 for all systems, and a physical version, which includes a Season Pass and bonus in-game items, is available for $39.99 for PS4 and Xbox One. Fusion features the same trick- and physics-based gameplay as its predecessors, a track editor with the ability for users to share their creations, online play, and the new FMX tricks system.


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