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Doom – Hell Followed DLC released for console, PC


Doom received its second premium downloadable pack today, Hell Followed. The $14.99 drop includes three multiplayer maps (Argent Breach, Molten, and Orbital), one weapon (Reaper), a piece of equipment (Threat Pulse), a player-controlled demon (Cacodemon), and several hack modules. Customization fans will also find more armor sets, patterns, colors, and taunts. To celebrate the add-on’s release, this weekend will offer double experience from 11:00 a.m. (CST) on October 28 until 11:00 a.m. (CST) on October 31.


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Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki, voice actor get the trailer treatment


A new Persona 5 trailer shines the spotlight on another member of the Phantom Thieves, Ann Takamaki. She’s the target of a nasty rumor at school, but instead of getting depressed about it, she channels the negative energy into something positive by using it to fight harder for her friends. As a bonus, a video has also gone live with Takamaki’s voice actor, Erika Harlacher.


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Birthdays the Beginning gets first batch of English screenshots


NIS has released new screenshots from the English version of Birthdays the Beginning. As a transforming force, players guide a cube-shaped world by manipulating its terrain and weather to alter the evolution of the creatures on the planet. The god game release is being developed by developed Toybox and overseen by Harvest Moon’s creator, Yasuhiro Wada.


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King’s Quest – Chapter 5: The Good Knight, Complete Collection out


The main storyline of King’s Quest comes to a close today with the release of Chapter 5: The Good Knight. All of the decisions made in the previous entries come to a head in the end, as an elderly King Graham goes on one last quest to save Daventry. The finale is also joined by a physical release, King’s Quest: The Complete Collection, for PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. A downloadable epilogue is also in the works, and will be available to everyone who owns the Season Pass or Complete Collection.


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New Yakuza 0 trailer highlights origins of Goro ‘Mad Dog’ Majima

Yakuza 0 (PS4) Announcement - Screenshot 9

Sega is offering players a closer look at the Mad Dog of Shimano Family (and Yakuza 0), Goro Majima. The trailer finds a younger Majima as a civilian running the Grand Cabaret in Sotenbori, Osaka. He was appointed to his job after angering his bosses in the Tojo Clan, with his punishment being to make tons of cash in order to regain his status as yakuza. He does a little too well, though, so he’s given a tougher assignment: his first hit.


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Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel goes live for console, PC


It’s time to dive back into Dark Souls III with the release of Ashes of Ariandel. The downloadable expansion finds players exploring the mystery behind an ancient cursed painting. Their journey will take them inside the painting to an area that hosts new enemies, lore, armor, spells, and weapons. A new multiplayer mode is also being added, Undead Matches. The versus mode allows players to battle other Cursed Undead, team up to face off against other teams, and go all in with others in matches of up to five combatants.


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World of Final Fantasy now available online, in stores for PS4, PS Vita


Following last week’s demo release, the full version of World of Final Fantasy has hit store shelves and digital outlets. The story follows two siblings, Reynn and Lann, who are on a quest throughout the world of Grymoire to restore their lost memories. Along the way, they will meet old series favorites, and 200-plus creatures, called Mirages, that can be captured and evolved through training. The Day One edition includes an exclusive Sephiroth summon as well as the option to choose the Japanese voice track.


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Titanfall 2 launch trailer follows Cooper, BT-7274 going to war


Titanfall 2 is set to hit digital outlets and retail stores this Friday, and Respawn has prepped a launch trailer. The live-action video, Become One, features pilot Jack Cooper and BT-7274 hanging out in the desert—just on an another human-and-bot trip, naturally—as their previous explosive exploits punctuate their journey. Check it out below.


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Dishonored 2 live-action trailer released, Take Back What’s Yours


Bethesda has produced a live-action trailer for Arkane’s upcoming action title Dishonored 2. Take Back What’s Yours follows the game’s storyline of taking the Empire back from a usurper, the crazed witch Delilah. Actors playing Corvo and Emily reenact several of the combos featured in previous videos that utilize melee, magic, and ranged weaponry.


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Destiny to get a little spooky next week with Festival of the Lost


Destiny’s seasonal festivities are set to begin next week with the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost. Running from October 25 through November 8, the event will feature decorated social spaces and special goodies, including masks, gear, emotes, and consumables. Several quest lines will also be involved, along with an exclusive one found in Rise of Iron’s social space, the Iron Temple. A trailer, posted below, begins the countdown until the event kicks off next Tuesday.


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