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Piranha Bytes introduces Elex’s The Berserkers in new trailer

The Berserkers are getting a proper introduction in a new faction trailer for Elex. The group shuns technology in favor of Medieval-era technology and magic, making them one of the stranger groups in Magalan. They can transmute Elex into Mana, which allows them to transform the world’s wastes into thriving woodlands. From their capital city, they plant their seeds to bring life back to the planet. Check below to see them in action.


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Piranha Bytes debuts pre-alpha footage of upcoming RPG ELEX

Gothic creator Piranha Bytes is working on a new open-world role-playing game, ELEX. Coinciding with the announcement is the launch of the official website and reveal trailer, linked and posted below, which offer an early look at what the studio will be bringing to this year’s E3. The action-heavy role-playing game will be set in a post-apocalyptic world that mixes science fiction and fantasy. The design will revolve around player agency and consequence with “interesting characters, mutant creatures, deep moral choices and thrilling action.”


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Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition release date, trailer released

Deep Silver has announced that Risen 3: Titan Lords Enhanced Edition will launch on August 21 for PS4. Coinciding with the news was the release of the first gameplay video for the new version. The direct-capture footage highlights the graphical upgrade the next-gen version is receiving, including higher resolution textures, new post-process effects, and a volumetric cloud system to enhance the day-night cycle.


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Risen 3: Titan Lords now available for 360, PC, and PS3

Piranha Bytes’ Risen series returns today with its third installment, Titan Lords. In a world forsaken by the gods and ravaged by the Titan Wars, players control a young warrior who is on a quest to reclaim his stolen soul and stop a darkness that is spreading over the land. Along the way, several factions will offer the chance to help him on his journey once he joins their ranks, including the Demon Hunters, the Guardians and their allies the Mages, and the Voodoo Pirates.


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Risen 2: Dark Waters pre-order DLC, costume extras announced

Risen 2: Dark Waters (360, PC, PS3) Preorder Bonus and GS Pirates Clothes DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Yo-ho-ho, matey! Thar be booty! Deep Silver has announced that all pre-orders for Risen 2: Dark Waters will be given a bump up to the Special Edition, which will include a new location and an estimated five hours of additional gameplay, courtesy of the included Treasure Isle DLC map pack. In addition to Treasure Isle, GameStop is also offering a pistol and stat-boosting equipment set, Pirate’s Clothes.


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