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(Xbox 360 Review) Pinball FX2 – Epic Quest

(Xbox 360 Review) Pinball FX2 - Epic Quest

“Though it may seem overly simplistic at first, there’s no denying that Epic Quest holds up exceptionally well over repeated play…”


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Pinball FX2’s latest DLC table, Paranormal, now available for free

Pinball FX2 (360) Paranormal DLC Announcement - Screenshot 3

Zen Studio’s thank-you gift to Pinball FX2 players, Paranormal, which also happens to be the latest DLC table, is now available for download. Pinball FX2 has to be downloaded first, but it’s a free release, so gamers wanting some pinball action can grab the base game, which serves as a platform for future tables, and Paranormal for absolutely nothing. The table is free from now through November 2.


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Zen Studios giving away latest Pinball FX2 table, Paranormal, for free

Pinball FX2 (360) Paranormal DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Zen Studios wants to thank their fans for the success of Pinball FX2 with a free table. On October 26, FX2 players will be able to download the latest table, Paranormal, for free. The table will be free until November 2, and those wanting the gift will need to grab Pinball FX2, a free release that doubles as a platform supporting for-pay DLC tables, off of Live Marketplace in order to access the table.


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Pinball FX2 to get new DLC table, Sorcerer’s Lair

Pinball FX2 (360) Sorcerers Lair DLC Announcement - Screenshot 1

Zen Studios will be adding Zen Pinball’s fantasy-themed Sorcerer’s Lair table to the Pinball FX2 platform for the 360. The Live Arcade release will launch on October 12 and feature new achievements, operators menu and rule sheet.


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Zen Pinball 3D announced for 3DS

Zen Pinball 3D (3DS) Announcement - Header

While 3DS owners might see the lack of a pinball game on their new handheld as an injustice, Zen Studios sees only an opportunity. The creator of the Pinball FX series, Marvel Pinball, and Zen Pinball is planning on satiating the cravings of pinball wizards everywhere this fall with the launch of Zen Pinball 3D for the 3DS.



Pinball FX2 – Ms. Splosion Man pinball DLC now on Live

Pinball FX2 (360) Ms. Splosion Man Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Zen Studios’ latest DLC table set for Pinball FX2, Ms. Splosion Man pinball, is now available on Live Arcade. The 240 MS Point-themed table is based around Twisted Pixel’s Ms. Splosion Man.


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Pinball FX2 – Ms. Splosion Man table coming next week

Pinball FX2 - Ms. Splosion Man table DLC (360) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Pinball FX2’s Ms. Splosion Man table, Zen Studios’ latest foray into licensed expansions, will be available on August 31 for 240 MS Points. The new table, exclusive to Live Arcade, will feature Twisted Pixel’s Ms. Splosion Man and the Mighty Eternal and integrate into the Pinball FX2 platform. PAX attendees will get a chance to try it out a week early at Twisted Pixel’s booth (#3003) and Microsoft’s booth (#432).


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Marvel Pinball expanding with Vengeance and Virtue, new launches

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue (360, PS3) Ghost Rider Table Announcement - Screenshot 1

Zen Studios has announced the expansion of Marvel Pinball with a new version as well as a host of ports. For the 360 and PS3, the studio currently has Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue in development. The four-table pack will debut with Ghost Rider as the first hero out when the set hits Live and PSN this winter. And for those who have been itching to give Marvel Pinball a try but don’t have a 360 or PS3, good news! Zen plans on launching the title on Android and iOS devices, as well as the 3DS, PC, PS Vita, and WiiU by the end of 2012.


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(Xbox 360 Review) Pinball FX2 – Fantastic Four Table


“Quite simply one of the best pinball offerings out there, and if you own Pinball FX2, you’ll love this table.”


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Marvel Pinball Fantastic Four launches on Live Arcade, soon on PSN

Fantastic Four Launch Announcement screenshot

Marvel Pinball Fantastic Four is now available on Live Arcade. As part of the Pinball FX2 platform, Fantastic Four features new Achievements/Trophies, operators menu and rule sheet, as well as “loads of interactive 3D models, online multiplayer competition and multiple layers of Super Hero gameplay.” The table also includes a host of other Marvel characters, including Galactus, Doctor Doom, Super-Skrull, the Mole Man, and H.E.R.B.I.E. the robot.


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