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The Celts are coming! Total War: Attila getting Celtic Culture Pack

Total War Attila (PC) Celt DLC Pack Announcement - Screenshot 1

Creative Assembly will be adding the Celts in Total War: Attila. The faction will host three playable tribes, the Caledonians, Ebdanians, and Picts. In addition to tribe-specific traits, the faction allows access to Guerrilla Deployment for every unit and an income boost from looting, raiding, and sacking. The pack adds new objectives, skills, faction- and tribe-specific units, tier-five buildings, and narrative event chain. However, no release date was announced.


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Nintendo to get into mobile market, partners with DeNA

Nintendo (Company) DeNA Partnership Announcement - Header

It seems as though Nintendo will be getting into the ‘smart devices’ market. According to a recent announcement, Nintendo and DeNA have formed an alliance that will see the two assisting one another in upcoming ventures, with Nintendo acquiring 10% of DeNA and DeNA 1.24% of Nintendo. The partnership will involve “leveraging the strength of Nintendo’s intellectual property (IP) and game development skills in combination with DeNA’s world-class expertise in mobile games, both companies will develop and operate new game apps based on Nintendo’s IP, including its iconic game characters, for smart devices.” The plans are open for “all Nintendo IP,” and a membership service is also slated to launch next fall, which will span 3DS, PC, Wii U, and smart devices.


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Steam Early Access version of Mordheim: City of the Damned updated

Mordheim City of the Damned (PC) Steam Early Access Update Announcement - Screenshot 1

Rogue Factory has updated the Early Access version of Mordheim: City of the Damned. The tactical role-playing game has been beefed up with three new skirmish maps, one procedurally generated alongside the Bridge and the Library; max-level warbands for all four races; and a variety of graphical upgrades with the switch from Unity 4 to Unity 5. A few new screenshots were also released to show off the new maps.


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Sega to flex its trunk with Tembo the Badass Elephant for console, PC

Tembo The Badass Elephant (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sega will be giving Sonic a rest later this year when they unleash their latest weapon against the world’s evils: Tembo the Elephant. Or to use its PG-13 name: Tembo the Badass Elephant. The side-scrolling action title from Game Freak for PC, PS4, and Xbox One pits Tembo and his friend Picolo against the dangerous organization known as Phantom. After invading Shell City, the National Guard calls on the patriotic pachyderm to smash, punch, and butt slam his way through 17 levels of Phantom forces. It’s time to earn them peanuts.


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Age of Wonders III: Eternal Lords arriving April, plus Linux, Mac ports

Age of Wonders 3 (PC) Eternal Lords Announcement - Screenshot 1.jpg

Triumph will be releasing a new download pack for Age of Wonders III, Eternal Lords, on April 14. The second add-on will feature new a new story, a new class, new races, and more. The new story centers on a battle between Arvik, heir to the Kingdom of Frostling, who turns to necromancy to reclaim his power. To sit on the throne, he’ll have to decide whether to fight alongside his fellow Frostlings or fully embrace necromancy. Joining the classes are the monster-summoning Necromancers, who can also convert towns to undead cities. Two new humanoid races also join the ranks, the seafaring Frostlings along with a new feline humanoid race, the fast, desert-dwelling Tigran.


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Sony releases new show Powers on PS Store, first episode up for free

Powers (Film) Release Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sony has released the first three episodes of their new scripted original series Powers. Available on PS Store, the show, co-produced with Sony Pictures Television, centers around superheros and the impact that their powers have on their lives, as some turn evil while others struggle with their abilities or to cope after losing them. The first episode can be viewed here for free (and below, in case you hate clicking links), and PS Plus members have access to the first three episodes, as well as the remaining season, for free. New episodes are scheduled to launch every Tuesday until April 28.


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The Evil Within: The Assignment calls in Kidman, out for console, PC

The Evil Within (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) The Assignment Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

The Evil Within: The Assignment, the first of a two-part downloadable side story, is available on Live, PSN, and Steam. The Assignment is set during the original game and follows Sebastian’s partner, detective Juli Kidman, during their time apart. Her encounter differs from Sebastian’s in that she encounters new enemies, uncovers different information about the ongoing events, and has her own dealings with Mobius. The second part of her storyline will be available in The Consequence, set to go live this spring.


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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number now available for console, PC

Hotline Miami’s story concludes today with the release of Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number for console and PC. The sequel follows the original closely, as it was originally envisioned as downloadable content, so be sure to check that one out first. Returning players will find new characters with stories that reveal more about the 50 Blessings group.


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Far Cry 4: Valley of the Yetis launching tomorrow for console, PC

Far Cry 4 (360, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One) Valley of the Yetis Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Ubisoft has announced that they will be launching Far Cry 4’s latest downloadable pack, Valley of the Yetis, tomorrow. After players crash-land in Kyrat, a new region added by the expansion, they must set up and defend a camp against a murderous cult known as the The Awakened Ones as well as against the wild yetis that roam the area. The game utilizes a day-and-night cycle, with players undertaking side quests during the day to fortify the camp and fend off attackers at night. By exploring more of Kyrat, players will uncover the cult’s secrets.


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QuakeCon 2015 registration begins for BYOC Select-a-Seat Round 1

QuakeCone 2015 (Convention) BYOC Preregistration Announcement - Header 2

Online pre-registration for QuakeCon 2015’s ‘BYOC Select-a-Seat with UAC Command Center Seating’ package is opening today at 7 p.m. (CST) at The package runs $500 and is limited to 32 slots but includes VIP seating, express lane fast-pass registration, reserve sealing for all panels and events, and more. Full details on all the packages are available below.


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