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Clockwork Empires leaving Early Access, launching in full on Oct. 26


Gaslamp Games will be releasing their PC strategy game Clockwork Empires on October 26. Described as an “eldritch steampunk colony-building simulator,” players must build and manage a colony as a Junior Bureaucrat. The outpost will be set within procedurally generated lands, and play host to unique citizens who work towards their own goals. They will have to be vigilant managers, as in addition to growing and harvest resources, they must also be prepared for surprise inspections by Occult Investigators and unhappy colonists coming under the sway of evil forces.


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Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Salvation out now for PC, Xbox One


Call of Duty: Black Ops III’s final download pack, Salvation, has launched for PC and Xbox One. Salvation wraps up Origins Zombies, with the squad squaring off against Doctor Monty in The House, as well as adds four new maps: Citadel, Micro, Outlaw, and Rupture. Full details on all of the maps can be found below.


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Corvo and Emily get out of dodge in new Dishonored 2 trailer


After showing Corvo and Emily going for blood and Emily avoid killing, the duo now use their abilities to hit the road. The latest gameplay trailer for Dishonored 2, Daring Escapes, follows both of them as they combine their abilities, items, and weapons to escape from the Royal Conservatory. It runs nearly four and a half minutes and gives a good overview of what players will have to work with when they decide to beat feet.


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Four-hour Gears of War 4 livestream archived, gameplay and reveals


Gears of War fans who missed the recent livestream for Gears of War 4 can check out a recently uploaded archive. In addition to plenty of gameplay, the four-hour-long event also features the reveal of an upcoming film with Universal Studios and Bluegrass Films, the debut of Killer Mike and EI-P as in-game characters, a behind-the-scenes look at an art exhibit, and some fans in cosplay.


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Two tracks by Gordy Haab, Finishing Move released from Halo Wars 2


343 Industries has revealed that Gordy Haab and Finishing Move will be contributing new tracks to Halo Wars 2. Haab has worked on several titles, including Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: The Old Republic, while Finishing Move’s work has appeared in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Two of tunes, “Run, Little Demons” and “Isabel’s Awakening,” have been released on Soundcloud. Check below to give them a listen, and when you’re finished, head over to to read an extensive interview with all three composers.


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Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign playable for PS4 pre-orders


Beginning today, PlayStation 4 owners who have pre-ordered the Legacy or Digital Deluxe editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare can get an early start on Modern Warfare Remastered’s campaign. The latest version features, among other improvements, 1080p, updated textures, high-dynamic range lighting, and physically based rendering. Everyone else will have to wait to play until the game’s official launch on November 4.


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ReCore demo goes live, offers up the game’s first 30 minutes

E3 2016 (MS) ReCore - Screenshot 4

A trial has been released for Armature and comcept’s action title ReCore. The demo is available for Windows PC and Xbox One, allowing players to try the first 30 minutes of the game. Players get to meet Joule and her Corebot, Mack, as well as explore a portion of Far Eden. Any progress made in the demo, including Achievements, carries over to the full version.


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PC version of The Deadly Tower of Monsters gets Survival Mode


Ace Team has updated the PC version of their quirky action title The Deadly Tower of Monsters. The latest patch adds Survival Mode, which will have players alternating between staging and combat platforms. The former allows them to pick and outfit one of the three playable characters before they proceed to the latter, which hosts progressively tougher waves of enemies. Defeated enemies drop coins that can be used to purchase abilities, health, and weapons. The game is also a part of Steam’s Midweek Madness promo, and can be purchased for 66% off until October 7.


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GTA Online update adds Bikers, Clubs, Clubhouses, and more


Bikers have been added to GTA Online. The latest update allows up to eight players to form Motorcycle Clubs and man the organization’s hierarchy with prospects, road captains, and other roles. Each role brings with it a set of abilities, such as being able to set riding formations and calling in hit squads. Players will get together in Clubhouses to play darts, arm wrestle, hang at the bar, and eventually access a custom bike shop. The headquarters will also have meeting rooms to plan out how to free imprisoned allies and take on other jobs via Clubhouse Contracts. Money can be earned from counterfeiting, running drugs, and trading. Players can use their acquired wealth to purchase a wide variety of new items, including bikes, weapons, clothes, and tattoos. Racers can also take part in the new melee-heavy Slipstream for Adversary Mode.


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New Yomawari: Night Alone trailer released, Countdown to Nightmare

Yomawari Night Alone (PC, PS Vita) Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 3

NIS has begun the countdown to the release of their upcoming survival-horror title Yomawari: Night Alone. And they are kicking it off with a new trailer appropriately titled Countdown to Nightmare. The video offers a short look at what players are in for as a young girl searching for her sister and dog in a strange, dangerous dimension filled with monsters.


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