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Story trailer released for stylish sci-fi action-platformer Headlander

Headlander (PC, PS4) Story Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Adult Swim Games has released a story trailer for Double Fine’s Headlander. The upcoming action-adventure title, inspired by 70’s era science fiction, finds mankind stuffed inside robotic bodies and controlled by a mad artificial intelligence. Virtual mankind, when will you heed the warnings of AM and Shodan? The hero of the day is the last living person. Well, the head of the last living person, who must use their special helmet to hover around and take control of the world’s numerous robots in order to defeat the tyrannical computer.


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The King of Fighters XIV digital pre-order, bonuses, new trailer live

The King of Fighters XIV (PS4) Nightmare Geese Trailer and Preorder Announcement - Screenshot 1

The King of Fighters XIV is now available for digital pre-order on PSN. Players who get in early will receive a dynamic PS4 theme as well as two costumes, Nightmare Geese and Classic Kyo. In an explosion of marketing synergy, a new trailer has gone live for Nightmare Geese, which is available alongside a few shots of the theme. And of course, here’s a handy list to check out all the current team reveals: Team Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Kim, Villains, Official Invitation, South America, and Mexico.


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Turn 10 Select Car Pack adds studio’s favorites to Forza Motorsport 6

Forza Motorsport 6 (Xbox One) Turn 10 Select Car Pack Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Turn 10 has released a pack of hand-selected downloadable cars for Forza Motorsport 6. The Turn 10 Select Car Pack features seven rides for $7: the 2014 Jaguar #14 Emil Frey GT3 Jaguar XK, 2015 Mercedes-Benz #24 Tankpool24 Racing Truck, 2014 Chevrolet #4 ROAL Motorsport RML Cruze TC1 WTCC, 1980 Fiat 124 Sport Spider, 2015 McLaren 570S Coupé, 1969 Ford Brawner Hawk III, and the 1957 BMW Isetta 300 Export. The vehicles can also be purchased individually. Additionally, a content update has also gone live, re-adding three tracks into competitive play: Monza, Catalunya, and Circuit of the Americas. Several changes were made to them, such as Turn 4 in Monza having its tire wall adjusted to change the driving line and reduce corner cutting.


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Daydreamer: Awakened Edition now available on PSN for PS4

Daydreamer: Awakened Edition_20160415200208

Roland Studios’ side-scrolling shooter Daydreamer: Awakened Edition has launched for PS4. As mentioned last week, the Xbox One version has been cancelled. On the bright side, PS4 players can grab the game for 20% off on PSN as part of a week-long promo. As a daydreamer, players must battle through armies of strange aliens, mutants, and robots as they make their way to the Earth’s core. Check out the launch trailer below for a look at the weirdness in store.


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Don Ramiro to arrive on Xbox One next week in Maldita Castilla EX

Maldita Castilla EX (PC, Xbox One) Xbox One Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Abylight and Locomalito’s side-scrolling action-platformer Maldita Castilla EX will be launching on July 20 for Xbox One. The retro-style adventure follows knight Don Ramiro on his quest to save the Kingdom of Castile from hordes of monsters. Originally published for PC in 2012, the console version features additional content with eight stages, 19 bosses, 48-plus enemy types, four endings, remixed audio, new music, and a new illustrated bestiary. As a bonus for those eager to answer the call, early buyers will receive a 10% discount.


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Digital version of Assault Suit Leynos launches for PS4

Assault Suit Leynos (PC, PS4) Announcement - Screenshot 8

Rising Star Games has released Dracue Software’s PS4 version of Assault Suit Leynos on PSN. Older and/or retro gamers might know it better by its stateside title Target Earth, released in 1990 for the Sega Genesis. The updated version follows the original’s design closely, while also improving the visuals. The physical release is still in the works, and is now scheduled to launch this September. As a bonus, the boxed copy will come with a double-sided poster that features the art from the original 16-bit Japanese release.


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7th Dragon III Code: VFD full, free DLC plans announced, trailer up

7th Dragon III Code VFD (3DS) Announcement - Screenshot 6

Sega has released a new trailer as well as their DLC plans for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. The upcoming role-playing game will be hitting online outlets and store shelves next week, but for today, players can see more of what’s in store with the new video, titled Full Trailer. A demo’s also up on eShop, for those wanting some hands-on time. The game follows a party of heroes as they hunt dragons throughout three different time periods: ancient Atlantis, present Tokyo, and future Eden. Also, all of the download packs will be free for the week following their release, which will add new quests, characters, and weapons. The release schedule can be found below.



Team Mexico enters the ring in new The King of Fighters XIV trailer

The King of Fighters XIV (PS4) Team Mexico Announcement - Header

Now, it’s the time for the one thing King of Fighters XIV has been missing: a dinosaur man. Today’s introduction of Team Mexico sees this terrible wrong righted with former NESTS soldier Angel and Muay Thai practitioner Ramon being joined by the mysterious wrestler King of Dinosaurs. This strange squad can be seen duking it out below in a new trailer. And to catch up on the other teams, head over to the reveals for Team Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Kim, Villains, Official Invitation, and South America.


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Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse launching Sept. 20, new trailer up

Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse (3DS) Character Trailer Announcement - Header

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse has been officially dated for September 20. To celebrate the announcement, Atlus has released a new trailer. The video focuses on the cast of characters that players will run across on their adventure, including the protagonist’s childhood friend and Hunter Association member Asahi, Eastern Kingdom samurai Navarre, and masked Ring of Gaea assassin Toki. And for those wanting to relive the original, two of the studio’s newer employees will be trying their hand at SMTIV today at 2:00 p.m. (CST) on the official Twitch channel.



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare story panel to be at Comic-Con 2016

Call of Duty Infinity (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Comic-Con Announcement - Header

Activision has sent word that they will be hosting a 60-minute panel for Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at Comic-Con. On July 21, attendees can check out exclusive story footage, and get some insight into how the developers are creating the campaign. Several team members will share making-of info, including narrative director Taylor Kurosaki, director of photography Jeff Negus, David Harewood (Supergirl, Blood Diamond), and Jamie Gray Hyder (True Blood, Graceland). The panel will start at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday in room 6BCF. Attendees will also receive a limited-edition lithograph poster from Mondo and artist Matt Taylor.


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