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New King’s Quest gameplay trailer debuted at The Game Awards 2014

Sierra has released the first gameplay trailer from The Odd Gentlemen’s King’s Quest. The studio revealed the trailer at this year’s The Game Awards, which coincided with series creator Roberta Williams winning the Industry Icon Award alongside Sierra co-founder Ken Williams. The upcoming reimagining adds new chapters to the original games but are independent of them while keeping the same main characters and storylines from the earlier entries.


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The Sassanids appear in new trailer for Total War: Attila

A new trailer for Total War: Attila highlights Rome’s formidable Eastern foe, the Sassanid Empire. New features were also revealed. To highlight the other dangers of the times, players will have to contend with mutinous generals who can convince worried characters to mutiny, triggering a civil war, and limited supplies. A new mechanic, decimation, will help to bring some relief as the harsh punishment temporarily stamps out resistance in the ranks.


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Batman: Arkham Knight – Ace Chemicals Infiltration series continues

Warner Bros. has released the latest video of their Ace Chemical Infiltration trailer series for Batman: Arkham Knight. The second of the trilogy continues on from the first, with new footage of the Batmobile in Battle Mode as well as a glimpse at the Arkham Knight’s militia and drone tanks. Check out the first part here.


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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare to get Exo Zombies mode in 2015

Sledgehammer has revealed on their blog that they will be releasing a zombies mode, Exo Zombies, for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The mode will be part of the upcoming DLC pack Havoc, which is slated to launch early next year.


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Sunset Overdrive weapon DLC released, voting and MP perks detailed

Insomniac Games has announced several new items for Sunset Overdrive, including new weapons, events, and item boosts. The first weapon pack launched today for $4.99, which includes the Plague Bomb, which causes vomiting to the point of exploding; the Rager, for creating a cloud that confuses and enrages enemies to the point where they attack one another; Shield Buddy, a bomb-deploying shield; and the Multi-Lock Rocket Launcher for targeting up to eight enemies at once. Demonstrations of each can be seen in an archived livestream.


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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth out for 3DS, new videos released

Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth (3DS) Nov Trailers and Screens Announcement - Screenshot 8

The Persona 3 and Persona 4 crews have reunited once more before the end of the year, but instead of fighting one another, they’re teaming up for a new adventure in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. To celebrate, Atlus has released four new videos, below, which joins a host of other previously released videos. Persona Q marks the line’s debut on a Nintendo system, and it’s also the first time that the series has entered into the Etrian Odyssey-style world of dungeon crawling. And there will be a lot of crawling around dungeons, as it’s estimated to last over 80 hours, with each team getting their own storyline filled with dialogue choices and plot reveals. The DLC schedule was announced as well and can also available below.



New Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, Ace Chemicals Infiltration Part 1

Warner Bros. has begun to roll out new series of gameplay videos from Batman: Arkham Knight. First up is The Official Batman: Arkham Knight – Ace Chemicals Infiltration – Pt. 1, the first of a trilogy set during a hostage situation. Batman must infiltrate the Ace Chemicals plant and save the remaining workers while battling Arkham Knight and the Scarecrow’s forces. The footage showcases the new Fear Takedown move and incorporation of the Batmobile into Combat Mode.


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Total War: Attila dated for February, DLC and Special Edition revealed

Total War Atilla (PC) Release Date and SE Announcement - Header

Sega has detailed their release plans for Creative Assembly’s Total War: Attila. The upcoming Rome II sequel will be available in physical as well as digital formats on February 17. Pre-orders are also open today, and those who put their cash down now will receive the first download pack, The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack, for free. The pack will also be available separately at launch for $7.99 and add three playable factions: The Danes, The Geats, and The Jutes. It will also come bundled with a Special Edition, along with Attila The Hun Biography by Nic Fields and a reference guide poster. More details for the pack-in items, and screenshots from the DLC pack, are available below.


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Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below Prologue trailer reveals Crota

Bungie has released a new trailer for their upcoming Destiny expansion, The Dark Below. The CG-only video runs just short of a minute and a half and gives players a glimpse of Crota, a Hive god that must be defeated before he can launch an invasion of Earth.


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Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth launch trailer out, livestream set

Atlus has revealed the launch trailer for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. They’ve recently released several themed trailers, and those who might’ve missed them can check them out here: characters, mechanics and FAQ. The studio will also be livestreaming the first dungeon on their official Twitch channel and answering questions today at 8 p.m. (CST).