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Act of Aggression hitting Steam tomorrow, launch trailer released

Act of Aggression (PC) Launch Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Eugen Systems has rolled out the launch trailer for Act of Aggression. Scheduled to launch tomorrow for PC, the real-time strategy game will feature three factions vying for global dominance. The US Army, Chimera, and Cartel will need to build bases, harvest resources, set up supply lines, and research new technologies in a callback to the real-time strategy titles of yesteryear. The campaign features two converging storylines, one for the Chimera and the other for the Cartel, while multiplayer supports skirmishes against the AI and up to eight players (four versus four online). The game is currently 15% off on Steam.


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Destiny: The Taken King final livestream scheduled for tomorrow

Destiny (PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) The Taken King Livestream - Screenshot 1

Bungie will be hosting its third and final livestream tomorrow for Destiny: The Taken King. Beginning at 1 p.m. (CST), Bungie community manager DeeJ will explore the Dreadnaught, taking part in events and gathering loot, along with designer Ben Wommack, community guest Laced Up Lauren, and closing guest Luke Smith. To check it out, head over to Bungie’s Twitch channel.


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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided dated, tiered pre-order program revealed

Deus Ex Mankind Divided (PC, PS4, Xbox One) Pre Order Promo Announcement - Screenshot 1

Square Enix has revealed that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be released on February 23 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. A pre-order promotion was also detailed, titled Augment Your Pre-Order. Similar to the approach taken with Drakengard 3, items are added as tier goals are met through pre-order sales. In this case, the extras will be available in the Day One Edition. Early buyers will not only be able to select which items they want from unlocked tiers, but they will also be given the chance to bump up the release date by four days. The full list is available below, and a FAQ has been made available here. For those wanting a bit more, a Collector’s Edition will come with a 48-page art book, a 9” Adam Jensen figure, and a steelbook, in addition to all to the regular pre-order bonuses and a copy of the Day One Edition.


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Sega releases Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax’s intro

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (PS3, PS Vita) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 2

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax’s opening cinematic has been released. The upcoming crossover fighter from Ecole and French Bread features characters from various Dengeki Bunko novels as well as Sega-themed stages, from such series as Virtua On, Sonic, and Valkyria Chronicles. Sega fans should also note that the launch edition comes with a bonus soundtrack packed with remixed tracks from other Sega titles.


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Noir investigative thriller Blues and Bullets out for Xbox One


The first episode in a new noir adventure title has gone live for Xbox One, Blues and Bullets. A Crowd of Monsters’ crime thriller is already available on Steam, and has made its way onto console through the ID@Xbox program. As former detective Eliot Ness, players must investigate crime scenes, interrogate suspects, question witnesses, and at times, draw down on the criminals of Santa Esperanza. How players interact with characters will also impact how they are received by the city’s inhabitants.


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Persona 4: Dancing All Night trailers released for Nanako, Margaret

Persona 4 Dancing All Night (PS4) Nanako and Margaret Trailer Announcement - Screenshot 1

Atlus has released two new character videos for Persona 4: Dancing All Night. The latest trailer highlights Nanako and Margaret. Nanako takes a trip to visit Yu and gets a chance to perform for Rise’s manager, while Margaret continues to serve as the Velvet Room’s representative. A set of screenshots were also released for each trailer, and both batches can be found below.


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Street Fighter V gets high-flying wrestler R. Mika

Street Fighter V (PC, PS4) R Mika Reveal - Screenshot 1

Another Street Fighter Alpha character has joined Nash in Street Fighter V, aspiring wrestler R. Mika. A heavy-hitting high-flyer, Rainbow Mika is a famous wrestler who is inspired by another beloved brawler, Zangief. She can also call upon her tag partner, Nadeshiko, to join in when players utilize her V-Trigger ability. PAX attendees can try a new demo at Capcom’s booth (#3103) that has R. Mika unlocked for play.


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A Templar and a treasure hunter join The Legend of Legacy

The Legend of Legacy (3DS) Character Trailer 2 Announcement - Header

Two more characters from The Legend of Legacy have been revealed in a new character trailer. Liber is a treasure hunter that has set out to Avalon to find riches, and specializes in bare-fisted melee combat, swords, and spears. Garnet is a Templar knight who isn’t seeking loot but heretics to bring to justice, with her trusty long sword and shield at the ready. To find out more about the characters and mechanics, check out Atlus’ livestream of the prologue today at 4:30 p.m. (CST) on their Twitch channel.



Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder out for PC

Evoland 2 A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder (PC) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 5

Shiro Games is set to once again take gamers through an era-spanning adventure in Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder. Things are a little difference this time around, as players will not only advance through console generations but also genres, as elements of shooters, platformers, brawlers, and more make their way into the time-traveling tale. The game’s beleaguered hero will experience these shifts as he jumps around timelines in order to prevent his bleak future from becoming a reality.


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Corpse of Discovery explores the uncharted wilds on GOG, Steam

Corpse of Discovery (PC) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Phosphor Games’ first-person adventure title Corpse of Discovery has launched for PC. As an astronaut exploring uncharted planets, players must search for objectives, map terrain, and survive the unpredictable weather. The theme of sacrifice underlines the trek, as messages from home serve as a reminder of the family left behind in order to fulfill the mission. The design was inspired by creative director Chip Sineni’s long hours spent at work away for his family, and in an interesting twist, their likenesses and voices are featured throughout the journey.


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