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Daybreak launches website, kicks off livestreams and contests

Daybreak (Company) Launch - Screenshot 1 (H1Z1)

The recently rebranded Daybreak Game Company has revealed their new website as well as celebration plans. Beginning today, the studio will be hosting a week of livestreams of titles from their days as Sony Online Entertainment, including DC Universe Online, EverQuest, Landmark, and PlanetSide. In addition to the streams, the studio will also be giving away goodies and announcing other activities. The full schedule is available below.


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The Crew demo up for PS4, tomorrow for Xbox One, update, DLC out

The Crew (PC, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) Demo Announcement - Screenshot 3

Ubisoft has released a demo of their MMO-styled racer The Crew today for PS4 and another scheduled to go live tomorrow for Xbox One. The demo is playable for two hours and allows players to transfer their progress to the full version. Launching alongside the demo is the $6.99 Vintage Car Pack, which includes the Chevrolet Corvette C2, Chevrolet Corvette C3 and Spyker C8 Aileron, as well as the Vintage Live Update. The update adds new missions, customization options. and player-versus-player mode. Details are available below.


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Nordic Games to assist in physical distribution of Shadowrun Online

Shadowrun Online (PC) Nordic Announcement - Screenshot 1

Nordic Games will be working with Cliffhanger Productions to distribute Shadowrun Online, including a physical boxed version. The tactical team-based role-playing game is currently available through Steam Early Access. In the game, players live in a cyberpunk-infused 2076, after the destruction of Boston by a dragon whose escape led to the poisoning of its inhabitants, turning them into killers. Elves, Dwarves, and other mythical races live in this new world, where corporations rule the land. The final version of the game will feature 50-plus enemies, hacking, over 60 combat and noncombat skills, and five races.


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Elder Scrolls Online dropping for-pay model, console release dated

A lot of news out of Bethesda today in regards to the upcoming revamp of their Elder Scrolls MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. First up, console gamers were given a set launch date of June 9 for both PS4 and Xbox One. The biggest announcement, impacting all players, is that the game is dropping its for-pay model on March 17. Instead of a monthly subscription fee, players will only have to pay the one-time purchase price whenever they first buy the game. The Tamriel Unlimited release includes all of the content from the original game as well as new Justice and Champion systems, plus support for optional for-pay content and an in-game Crown Store for item customization. Former and current accounts will all be upgraded to the new version for free. To entice more players to Tamriel, a new 23-plus-minute ‘supercut’ cinematic video was also released, featuring all of the game’s factions battling it out.


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PlayStation 4 version of PlanetSide 2 to enter closed beta on Jan. 20

PlanetSide 2 (PC, PS4) PS4 Closed Beta Announcement - Screenshot 1

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that their free-to-play massively multiplayer online shooter PlanetSide 2 will enter closed beta this month for PS4. The initial wave of players, numbering in the thousands, is scheduled to enter the beta on January 20. More players will be added in the coming months, with invitations set to go out in chronological order based on date of sign-up. Players who have yet to send in their info can still do so at the official site; more information can also be found in a new FAQ. A full launch is on track for later this year.


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Square Enix details Las Vegas Fan Festival 2014 Live Stream

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (PC, PS3, PS4) Fan Festival 2014 Stream Announcement - Header

Details for accessing the upcoming Las Vegas Fan Festival 2014 Live Stream have been released by Square Enix. Two packages are on offer, with a free version streaming in standard definition and showing most events, except for the opening keynote and closing ceremonies. For $20, viewers get to see the opening keynote on what the studio has in store for the game by producer and director Naoki Yoshida, closing ceremonies, and extra bonuses. The full list of extras included with the premium package is available below. For those wanting to go with the free version, bookmark Square Enix’s official FFXIV Twitch channel.


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QuakeCon 2014 sales announced on Steam, Bethesda Store, more

Dishonored (360, PC, PS3) The Study of Stealth Trailer - Screenshot 3

Bethesda has announced an ongoing sale as part of the QuakeCon 2014 celebrations. Discounts are available on games, gear, and art across Bethesda’s own online store as well as Amazon, Steam, Xbox Live, and other outlets. The breakdown of who is offering what, including art, hoodies, series packs, and more, is available below.


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E3 2014: Square Enix – Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Hitman

Final Fantasy Type-0 (PS4, Xbox One)

Square Enix has announced a number of new entries across several series, including Final Fantasy, Hitman, and Tomb Raider. One of the biggest surprises is that Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito are both coming to North America. Type-0 was released for PSP in Japan in 2011 and will be brought over as an HD remastered release for PS4 and Xbox One. Agito is a free Android and iOS title (supported with in-app purchases) that features characters from Type-0 and allows players to make changes that affect others within the in-game community. As a cadet in the Dominion of Rubrum, players attempt to become Agito, the savior of Orience, and will have access to a variety of character-customization options, crafting options, and missions that feature large-scale co-op battles involving the entire community. No release dates were announced for either title.


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The Elder Scrolls Online first update adds new adventure zone, more

The Elder Scrolls Online (Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One) Patch 1 Announcement - Screenshot 1

The first update has gone live for The Elder Scrolls Online. Additions include a veteran rank increase to 12, a Death Recap window that provides info about what occurred at the time of the player’s death, a bump of double experience for killing player characters, and the biggest, the first Adventure Zone, Craglorn. The new zone adds a new storyline and quests for Veteran Rank players as well as 12-player Trials. The full list of changes and additions can be found at the official site.


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PS4, Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online delayed

The Elder Scrolls Online (Mac, PC, PS4, Xbox One) Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 3

Bethesda has released an update on the progress of the console versions of The Elder Scrolls Online. The statement, posted below, notes that there have been unforeseen challenges in developing the PS4 and Xbox One versions due to how different they are from the already available Mac and Windows PC versions as well as each other, and that overcoming these problems will require an additional six months. The studio is also offering owners of the Mac and Windows versions the chance to transfer their characters over to their preferred console version upon release and to buy a full digital version of the PS4 or Xbox One version, along with an additional 30 days of play time, for $20.


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