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Prep the little grey cells! Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders detailed

Kalypso has announced that they’ve entered into a partnership with Microids to release boxed copies of Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Adopted from the novel of the same title, The ABC Murders puts players in the polished shoes of famed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot as he attempts to track down and unmask the A.B.C. killer. Players will have to solve puzzles, interview characters, and collect evidence. A three-part making-of series has been launched as well, and the entire run can be found below.


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PC adventure title Syberia now available on PSN for PS3

Nordic Games has some good news for console adventure fans with the announcement that Syberia is now on PSN for PS3. The decade-plus-old adventure title runs $14.99 and features updated graphics along with a new controller-friendly interface. To find out more about how American lawyer Kate Walker ends up in a strange world tracking down a mammoth-obsessed inventor alongside his emotive android Oscar, check out our review of the PC version.


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(PC Review) Syberia

“… high-quality title that tells a great story while immersing you in one of the most interesting and intelligent environments seen in recent years.”


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