Developer- and Publisher-specific Articles: Metro: Last Light – Tower Pack

Metro: Last Light – The Developer Pack to launch September 17

Metro Last Light (360, PC, PS3) Developer Pack Release Date Announcement - Screenshot 1

Deep Silver has announced that Metro: Last Light’s third DLC drop, Developer Pack, will be available on September 17 for 360, PC, and PS3. The pack will include a new solo mission, The Spider-Nest, which will require that players clear a catacomb of spiders using the lighter, torches, and the new Flamethrower. In addition, there will also be three new areas to utilize: a Shooting Range, where players can compete in marksman challenges with all gun and attachment combinations; an AI Arena, in which customizable squads of human soldiers and mutants face off in challenges; and a Metro Museum, where players can learn more about the characters and their mutant enemies.


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Metro: Last Light – Tower Pack to launch next week, screens released

Metro Last Light (360, PC, PS3) Tower DLC Detail Announcement- Screenshot 1

Deep Silver announced that Tower Pack, the second of 4A Games’ planned four downloadable packs for Metro: Last Light, will launch on September 3. The 360, PC, and PS3 drop adds a new tower that houses a virtual combat simulator. Players who enter must battle their way up the booby-trapped tower against waves of increasingly difficult enemies.


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