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Steel Battalion Heavy Armor release date announced

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor (360) Release Date Announcement - Header

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, the follow-up to the early-2000’s mech sim renowned for its massive (and awesome) controller, will follow in its predecessors’ footsteps as an Xbox exclusive. But for those with their Kinects at the ready and itching to jump into the pilot’s seat, you only have a few more months to wait. Capcom has announced that you will be able to control a massive mech of your very own on June 19.


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Armored Core V launch date, pre-order bonus announced

Armored Core V (360, PS3) Release Date Announcement - Header

Namco Bandai has announced that FromSoftware’s long-running mech series Armored Core will be returning on March 20 with Armored Core V for the 360 and PS3. The latest entry will include “massive online multiplayer battles designed around huge team-based skirmishes on a grand scale, a robust offline mode, and a completely new atmosphere.” Victory will rely on proper use of the terrain as well as the efficient use of unlocks to create the optimal loadouts.


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