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Bound by Flame combat detailed in new gameplay video

Spiders studios has released a new video showcasing Bound by Flame’s combat system. The upcoming role-playing game will offer three primary skill trees—Fighter, Ranger, and Pyromancer—each of which is demonstrated and detailed in the new footage. Also featured are the available companion types who can be chosen to join in the action.


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Bound by Flame to set forth this May, new screenshots released

Spiders studios has revealed that their upcoming role-playing game Bound by Flame will available for 360, PC, PS3, and PS4 on May 9. It was also announced that Majesco has signed on as distributor to assist publisher Focus Home Interactive’s efforts in North America. Six new screenshots were released alongside the new info, each showing some of the different enemies that players will have to face during their journey.


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Double Dragon: Neon struts onto Steam, punches everything in sight

After cleaning up the consoles’ mean streets, Billy and Jimmy Lee have taken their brand of suplex-heavy justice to the PC with the release of Double Dragon: Neon. The beat ‘em up, now on Steam for $9.99, features the same high-fiving, side-scrolling action as its console predecessor, with the brothers bashing through the Shadow Warriors gang to face off against its leader Skullmageddon for the fate of Marian. In addition to the multitude of kicks and punches at their disposal, the duo now has the ability to evade as well as pump each other up, share health, and resuscitate one another by high-fiving. Cassette tapes can also be collected and stacked for access to special abilities.


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Double Dragon: Neon unleashes raw high-five power on 360, PS3

Double Dragon: Neon (360, PS3) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Billy and Jimmy are back on the streets today with Majesco and WayForward’s new beat ’em up, Double Dragon: Neon. The download-only brawler, available on Live Arcade and PSN, tasks players with once again saving Marian from a rough-and-tumble street gang, the Skullmageddeon. Abobo and other nefarious series villains return to get kneed, punched, and kicked as they witness to some of the most vicious high-fives in gaming.


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Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic preorder bonus announced

Cooking Mama 4 Kitchen Magic (3DS) Preorder Announcement - Header

Gamers looking to get back into the kitchen with Cooking Mama have a new incentive to pre-order today. Well, at GameStop at least. For as long as supplies last, GameStop will be giving away an exclusive Mama plushie when you put some cash down on the upcoming 3DS cookingocalypse, Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic.



Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures, Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic announced

Cooking Mama DS and 3DS Announcement header

The cookingest of the mamas is set to return to the DS this fall in Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures, as well as make her 3DS debut in Cooking Mama 4: Kitchen Magic.


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