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Kinect Sports: Season Two now available for Kinect

Kinect Sports: Season Two (360) Launch Announcement - Screenshot 1

Kinect Sports returns for another round today with Kinect Sports: Season Two. The collection features full-body motion and voice control with six events (football, baseball, skiing, golf, tennis, and darts), 17 new Challenge Play Activities, and an in-game calorie counter. Players can also issue challenges to friends over Live.


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Kinect Sports: Season Two demo now on Live

Kinect Sports: Season Two (360) Demo Launch Announcement - Screenshot 3

Another Kinect demo has launched on Live today. Joining Dance Central 2’s is the latest demo for Kinect Sports: Season Two. Set to hit store shelves on October 25, the Kinect-only mini-game collection features events from six sports, complete with in-game voice control and full-body motion tracking. The demo includes two sports: Golf and Tennis.


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