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(PlayStation 3 Review) Killzone 3

…provides a strong if uneven single-player experience and a fantastic multiplayer component that’s sure to offer a few solid months of addictive action.


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Killzone 3 now available, Helghast still looking to kill you

The Helghast are a determined lot. After two sound beatings—by me, at least—they are back at the ISA’s throats with the newly launched Killzone 3. But things are a bit different this time as the Helghast are now leaderless, thanks to us and the ISA in Killzone 2, and warring between themselves. Stuck in the middle of a civil war, with no hope of reinforcements or supplies, players must fight their way out with their ISA brethren. All is not lost, though, as there will be a new WASP missile launcher, jet packs, Intruders, and new melee system to fight back the Helghast hordes.


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